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The Four-Season Bag Jump can be used for regional Action Sports Programs:

  • Freeski

  • Snowboard

  • Freestyle

Training benefits:

  • Wide age range (6-25)

  • Utilized by all levels

  • Minimizes risk

  • Safer progression (tumble, trampoline, airbag, snow, competition)

  • Repetition develops muscle memory and air awareness

  • Ability to train coaches on proper progressions and techniques

  • Extended training season that is not snow or temperature dependent

  • Help athletes achieve their goals without having to travel elsewhere for training

The completion of training venue will:

  • Accelerate athlete progression

  • Improve performance

  • Provide a year-round training venue

  • Help athletes to achieve their competition goals

Additional possibilities:

  • Summer and winter training camps

  • Activities for adventure camps

  • Coach training clinics

Funding and investment opportunities:

Direct donations of any size are encourated and appreciated.   Please use the Donate Today button at the top of the page to make a donation now.

The bulk of the project is being funded through the Sale of Bonds.   Bonds are being sold in $10,000 increments. Bonds may be purchased by one individual or co-purchased by a group of investors. 

  • Bonds may be purchased as single or multiple bonds.  Payment on signed bonds is due no later than April 30, 2017.

  • Bonds are paid back over 10 years.

  • Interest is 5.5% per year based upon the outstanding principal, so with $10,000 outstanding that’s $550 interest per year.  With $9,000 outstanding, interest payment would be $495.00 and so forth.

  • Bond principal and interest can be offset against program fees at holder’s option.

  • Program credits can be applied up to the amount of principal and interest that KMS tenders each fiscal year.

  • Program participants will receive a discount on summer bag jump camps:

    • 10% for purchase of a single bond,

    • 15% for purchase of two bonds,

    • 20% for purchase of three or more.

  • The discount is valid for the term of the bond or until such time as the bond has been retired.

  • Sign-up for camps will be on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be no special enrollment consideration for those families who hold bonds.

Click here to download the Bond Promissory Note form.

Please contact Jeff Juneau, Kris Pepe, Gar Trayner or Nori Pepe today about funding this amazing project!

Frequently Asked Questions about the project:


What is the proposed availability of these facilities for our athletes?

  • Freestyle, Freeski and Snowboard Development Programs will have supervised access to facilities during all program dates

  • Camp target audience is 8 - 18 action sport participants and will have supervised access to facilities during scheduled camp dates

  • Goal is to be operational during the 2017 Season


How many hours do you expect the airbag to be available on any given weekend?

  • The airbag will available for use 10 - 3:00 each weekend (Weather dependent- snow, rain and wind will affect operational safety)

  • Athletes can expect to spend on average 2-4 hours (1-2 training sessions) per weekend, given time for other training plans, development opportunities and competitions. 


Will coaches bring groups there or will the kids have discretion to use it on their own?

  • The training will have to done under the supervision of a Level 200 Aerial, Freeski, or Snowboard Coach


Will there be specific staff assigned to work the bag jump on the weekends/ Can parent volunteers help?

  • A USSA Level 200 Aerial Certification is required to operate the venue

  • Parent volunteers can be used to help maintain and assist in running the site (ex. clearing snow and water off airbag, stepping in-run, video)


Who will own the airbag and related assets?

  • Killington Mountain School


In the past, Killington/Pico Resorts used the old Airbag for events like the Airbag Challenge. Who will have access to the facility, and when?

  • There may be times when we will lease out or allow permission for groups other than KMS/KSC to utilize the facility, For example, our current agreement allows for the use of the hill space by Killington Resort for two weekends in March. This does not include the use of bag, and is outside of our peak usage time for the Airbag.

What level of commitment has the mountain given to maintaining the jump?

  • Killington Resort has committed resources to the building and maintenance of the jump along with moving snowmaking pipe to help facilitate the space and snowmaking we need for the venue.


November 21, 2017

PEG-TV's Amanda Wheeler recently spent some time in Killington learning more about Killington Mountain School's new four-season airbag facility. Her visit was timed perfectly as KMS freestyle and freeski athletes were using the facility for the first time, landing trick after trick on the soft airbag. 

Designed for KMS Freestyle, Snowboard, and Freeski athletes, and KMS airbag camp participants, the facility can be used for training year-round, independent of weather or snow coverage, thanks to its Msnow synthetic snow surface. The road for athletes to the highest level of competition includes the mastery of very complex aerial maneuvers. The training path to acquire these skills starts first with practice on campus in the school's trampoline facility, and after a large number of successful...

October 5, 2017

If you've taken a ride up to the base of Killington's Superstar trail lately, you can't have missed Killington Mountain School's four-season airbag venue, a project located at the base of the trail on skier's left, and one that's in the final phases of construction.  All that remains to complete this exciting project is finalizing the wood structure, installing artificial snow surface and completing some additional excavation work on the landing area.

After that work is complete, the step will be to undergo site inspections and complete final staff training. This is the only facility of it’s kind that has been built to these quality specifications on the East Coast, and only one of two in the United States in this class.

KMS will utilize this venue year-round in its academy and club d...

July 6, 2017

Things finally dried out enough for work to begin on the bag jump site, and immediately the contractor's hit pretty significant ledge. Once Gar returned from a camp in Mt. Hood, the team was able to meet with the excavator, Roaring Brook Constructors and the folks from Killington Resort and came up with a good plan to move forward.

We will begin today with erosion control measures and diverting the water above the jump site in accordance with the plan developed with Killington and the contractors. Once that is in place and then with the weekend to dry out a bit, we will begin to excavate to finish grade, starting from the top to determine location and depth of ledge.

It was unfortunate to find significant ledge, but it was certainly not entirely unexpected. Once all the ledge is exposed, the...

May 18, 2017

KMS Director of Athlete Development and bag jump project manager, Gar Trayner, had a productive site review meeting today with Jeffery Findeisen of Roaring Brook Constructors, Killington Director of Mountain Operations, Jeff Temple, Killington Snow Surfaces Manager, Dave Lacombe and others. Bag Jump work agreement has been signed and we're targeting a mid-June start date, weather permitting!

Many thanks to all of our parents and supporters who helped make this happen. Stay tuned to this site for regular updates...

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