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Matthew Pincus

Matthew Pincus

English Teacher


BA Florida State University East, MA Stroudsburg University, MA Southern New Hampshire University

Matthew Pincus is originally from the topographically challenged state of Florida. Born and raised in Miami, Matthew, an avid outdoorsman, grew up playing in the sub-tropical coastal landscape. After studying History and Geography at Florida State University, Matthew returned to South Florida, where he found a growing concrete jungle. He departed South Florida for greener pastures in the mid-1990s and ultimately settled in Vermont in 1998. Vermont offered opportunities that aligned with Matthew's passions. He fell in love with country living, gardening, skiing, hiking, and numerous other outdoor activities. Matthew also started his professional life as a teacher, starting in the Rutland public schools and then as a Social Studies teacher at Black River High School where he worked from 2002 until the school closed in 2020. Matthew hopes to one day receive honorary Vermonter status.

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