Nathan Clifford

Nathan Clifford

English Teacher

​802.422.5671, ext. 238

Nate is a native Vermonter, originally from North Pomfret. Growing up on a retired
farm, he learned to ski at the local Suicide Six, eventually working as a junior ski
instructor at Okemo. Developing a passion for theater at Woodstock Union High
School he double-majored in Theater Arts and English at Earlham College in
Indiana. Yet the mountains of the East Coast called.

Nate spent ten years scraping the stage in NYC, where he acted with the
NYCShakespeare company and taught white-water kayaking in Ontario, Canada.
When he wasn’t memorizing lines on the subway he was paying his rent as a Nanny
and Personal Trainer in Brooklyn. He soon developed an interest in combining
these passions and returned to Vermont to study for his Masters in English at UVM
while managing the personal training department at the Burlington YMCA.

Ever a glutton for the classroom, Nate recently earned his Masters in Education at
the University of Massachusetts, and has taught English for the past two years at
Charlestown High School and Cambridge Rindge and Latin in Boston. While he is
grateful to have cut his teeth in both diverse and challenging academic settings, he
feels he has finally discovered a unique setting where he can marry his interests in
literature and theater, while working with some of the most inspiring athletes of
this generation. He is proud to join the gifted community at KMS, and eager to
figure out why the skis all look so different.