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Remove Emotional Support Animal Depression - 2022 Guide

Among a number of other treatments available for various anxiety disorders, ESAs have gained popularity recently. These animals help an individual overcome his anxiety. In order to understand how Guinea pigs can help one with anxiety, let’s look into what an emotional support animal letter is and how they help combat anxiety.

The concept of Emotional Support Animal?

Pets have a long history of offering support and companionship to humans. However, the concept of ESAs is relatively new.

These pets are generally prescribed by licensed professionals, psychiatrists, therapists, and psychologists as part of the treatment plan. Since animals provide emotional support in times of need, they help reduce symptoms of anxiety and other mental challenges.

Emotional Support Animals for Anxiety

Similar to friends and family members, animals help mentally challenged humans to better deal with anxiety and other related issues.

What contributes more to anxiety disorders? Loneliness! When no one is there to accompany a person suffering from an anxiety disorder, ESA eliminates their feeling of having no one around. The symptoms of anxiety can be relieved.

Take expert advice; if you suffer from loneliness, get yourself an ESA Letter! Guinea pigs make great ESAs.

Guinea Pig as an ESA

Before getting an ESA, many people ask which animals are suitable to be ESAs.

Let me tell you, every domesticated animal can be an esa letter for housing: rabbits, mice, snakes, cats, dogs, mini pigs and of course Guinea Pigs.

What makes guinea pigs great ESAs?

Just look at guinea pigs! Their size will simply melt your heart. Believe me! There are multiple reasons why guinea pigs make great ESAs:

  • Guinea pigs have unique personalities

  • They are easy to care for

  • They are funny like cats; full of fun

  • They are playful and friendly

  • They identify and greet their owners

  • Guinea pigs are not destructive

Are you ready to make your guinea pig your ESA? All you need is an ESA letter from your therapist. It will help if you live in a ‘no-pet’ housing society. Have a look at an ESA letter sample online to remove your confusion about these Esa letters online and to understand its requirements.

All these traits and qualities of guinea pigs, make them great ESAs and thus they can help one lessen his level of anxiety.

How Can Guinea Pigs Help you with your Anxiety?

Like other ESAs, guinea pigs assist their owners by offering an emotional outlet. When no one is around, you get to talk to them.

If you play with them, they are highly involved and their little fun acts make you smile and laugh.The best part about having such animals for emotional support is that they never hurt you.

Distraction from toxic thoughts is highly recommended for people having anxiety. Playing with guinea pigs, grooming them, and feeding them is a great way to distract owners. This focus on their ESA saves them from focusing on the factors causing anxiety. So therefore a person needs to carefully select an esa from

If you are suffering from mental challenges and feel the need for emotional support, guinea pigs are highly recommended as ESAs. They are fairly easy to house and will be a great addition to your life.

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