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This is our best look yet at Apple's iPhone 14 Pro in every color

It was first presented by a reliable source as a sketch just over two months ago, with a colorful and polished look just a few days later, and what were imagined to be stunning concept images based on the original computer-generated images. Also at the end of March, the iPhone 14 Pro is now back in the spotlight. If we know that we can use on the new iPhones but colors are always secret.

Of course, the excitement and attention for Apple's next generation of high-end phones have never waned, with a steady stream of leaks almost everywhere in recent months, but today's visual reveal is unlike anything we've seen before.

This is not at all surprising, as the high-quality images produced by Ian Zelbo are basically completely consistent with all the other images that have been floating around since March, and have Jon Prosser's front-page technical accuracy stamp, as they present the color. purple silver, graphite, and gold iPhone 14 Pro taste in unprecedented detail.

Only one special color for iPhone 14 Pro this year?

Unfortunately, this is how it looks at least now, but such details can be changed until the last minute. At this point, Apple definitely plans to keep the iPhone 13 Pro's silver, graphite, and gold hues for the 2022 sequel, but essentially replace the "Sierra Blue" paint job with a likely brighter purple.

To be perfectly clear, you shouldn't expect a "regular" iPhone 13 with a striking purple cover, while the Pro-exclusive Alpine Green color announced earlier this year probably won't see a direct follow-up until later this year. in the same year... for quite obvious reasons.

Of course, it's still too early to be sure that the green-clad iPhone 14 Pro will see the light of day next spring, so for now we'll just have to feast our eyes on these sharp and supposedly 100 percent reliable. gives back silver, purple, graphite, and gold versions of this fall's 6.1-inch phone.

Today, there really isn't much to add to everything we already knew about the design of the iPhone 14 Pro, which guarantees to be extremely similar to its predecessor from the back, while removing the outdated and very distracting notch. Well, a controversial combination of a pill-shaped screen opening and a punch-hole selfie camera.

iPhone 14 Pro specs and features you can bet on while the latest screenshot circulating online is "expected" but not yet "confirmed" by an otherwise solid insider, Jon Prosser basically agrees with the specs we've heard from several sources to guarantee. for today, including a hot new

8MP primary rear shooter, improved pixel separation technology and support for up to 8K video recording, an updated telephoto lens with seven elements instead of six, and 6GB of RAM.

Cash-strapped "iFans", however, may also need to settle for last year's Apple A15 Bionic chipset in addition to last year's notch on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, although for what it's worth, said previous-gen SoC is at least tipped to be paired with the same 6 gigs of memory as this year's (and last year's) Pro models.

Things like satellite connectivity (across the board) and super-premium titanium sides (for Pro and Pro Max variants only) are also rumored but far from guaranteed, with price points largely missing from the conversation as Apple continues to navigate chip shortages and rising component costs.

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