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Aliza Tobias takes the win at New York's Supercross Cup

The Killington Mountain School Cycling team traveled to Suffern, NY for the Supercross Cup weekend, which was held at a new venue this year. Historically, this course has been known for its technical difficulty and, thus, has been a favorite for many cyclists. Coach Brad Ramsay shared a recap of the weekend of races:

"On Saturday the course was tough, with some slippery off-camber corners, and while the grass still had dew on it in the morning, it was essentially a power/endurance course in the afternoon; the KMS squad rode well.

Sunday, however, turned out to be great day for KMS! A little rain and snow Saturday night, and, suddenly, you had to have power and skills to succeed! Any shortcoming in technical skills left riders well behind the lead, and, if possible, even more muddy than the few who managed to stay upright! When all the slipping, sliding, running, and other 'playing in the mud' was done, every KMS rider had something of which to be extremely proud!

Aliza Tobias led off the day taking excellent lines, staying on her bike (to the greatest extent possible), and riding smoothly but decisively away from the rest of the field to take the win in her category! The smiles on her muddy face said it all!!

Next up, Tyler Clarke and Sebastian Logue (athlete from NH that rides with KMS Cycling) rode across the muddy off-cambers and were part of an early break of three riders who used their technical skills to ride away from the field. In an awesome display of skill and endurance. Seb and Tyler tore through the mud to take the second and thirs spots on the podium, respectively. Johannes Stromski and Leo Kirkpatrick-Baird were in the first race of the afternoon, and the occasional sun and strong wind all morning did little to dry up the course or improve traction. Johannes led early in the race, but a muddy mishap allowed a UVM rider to get away from the Cat 3 field. Though Johannes chased hard, he ran out of time to close the gap, and finished a very respectable second place. Leo also had a good race, and steadily moved through the mud and riders to finish in the top half of the field.

Last but not least, Turner Ramsay had an awesome race, using her technical skills to stay near the front. She finished a strong 11th, her best yet racing among the Pro/1/2 Elite UCI Women!

These races live up to their reputation, and this year will long be remembered as an epic day at Supercross! After the Thanksgiving break and World Cup Skiing at Killington over the weekend the team next heads down to Warwick, Rhode Island for the last UCI race in New England before Cyclocross National Championships (Hartford, CT, the week ending January 7/8th)."

Congratulations on your continued success riders, and best of luck in Rhode Island!




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