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Freestyle Development Program checks in with weekend highlights

Between the wonderful snow conditions, the array of zipper lines and our new training venue, the Freestyle team could be seen working hard and playing hard all weekend long!

The coaches were excited to share some highlights:

Coach Kevin: “Great weekend! The group loved the jump training. Everyone showed improvements, dialing in their jumps in preparation for the Okemo Comp. We also trained the spine pipe in the park, focusing on entry into the feature and getting a flat ski on the pipe.”

Coach Frank: After jumping in the morning, “we took runs down Cascade and Escapade doing three runs to every one run of drilling. We worked on squaring shoulders, pole plant timing and bringing early lead change into the bumps. We also did contest prep with a ‘3, 2, 1, hut’ in the gate to get that feeling of starting a competition. “

Coach Peter “Our group continued to work on knee flexion and shin pressure. We skied bumps on Double Dipper, Cascade, Mousetrap and Ovation…to name a few. On Sunday, we worked on popping onto the pipe in the Reason Terrain Park and practiced being balanced in the air on the jump.”

Coach Ben: “We had a great time shredding on Upper Double Dipper! And Mousetrap was a great finishing trail with a good bump line and more than a few wipeouts!”

Coach Guy: “We had daily mogul competitions to get the competitive juices flowing. The girls took me to a new trail that in 20 years of skiing Killington, I’ve never been on…Rollercoaster! We also had a cool hike to the top of Killington and ripped down catwalk!!”

Coach Dave: “The athletes progressed tremendously with better turns, edge sets and speed control. They all had a lot of fun and skied with a ton of enthusiasm! They are all ready for comp next week.”

Thank you coaches! And a special thanks to Killington for providing us with such a great jump venue on Upper Double Dipper!




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