Weekend Program Moguls athletes shine in competition

December 20, 2016


This weekend, our freestyle team was split between home training and an early season competition in Okemo. 


In Killington, coaches reported extremes from the “best training day ever” on Saturday to a treacherous and short day on Sunday.  Athletes were able to capitalize on the soft conditions with powder skiing on newly opened terrain including Bear Mountain, Skylark and Needles Eye.  In between face shots and laughter, they were able to get some work done on the jumps, park features and bump lines.


In Okemo, the Killington team put on an impressive show as we encountered our first mogul course of the year.  The athletes approached the competition with confidence and strength. They displayed an impressive level of skiing and jumping, as well as the consistency from run to run, even as the course changed drastically each day.


I want to commend the whole team on their conduct throughout the weekend.  Our athletes set a good example, displaying sportsmanship, work ethic and an obvious love for skiing.  We received numerous compliments from parents, coaches and athletes from other mountains.  Keep up the good work!


Congratulations to our top five age group and top ten overall finishers!


Saturday Okemo Moguls

F9        1st Victoria Johnson

            2nd Grace Marinella

            3rd Emily Storch

            4th Maya Grogean


F11      2nd Megan Ciaglo, 3rd Overall


F13      3rd Kassidy Lynch, 7th Overall

            4th Tenley Lefebvre, 8th Overall


F15      1st Montana Osinski, 2nd Overall



M11    2nd Trae DaMore

            3rd Gabe Johnson


M13    1st Jack Petrone, 1st Overall

            2nd Ray Lamlein, 3rd Overall

3rd Conner Dinn, 8th Overall


M15    5th Dakota Stuart, 9th Overall



Sunday Okemo Moguls

F9        1st Victoria Johnson

            2nd Grace Marinella

            3rd Emily Storch


F11      2nd Megan Ciaglo, 2nd Overall


F13      1st Kassidy Lynch, 4th Overall

            2nd Tenley Lefebvre, 5th Overall


F15      1st Montana Osinski, 3rd Overall


M9      1st Josh Jamieson

            2nd Owen Ciaglo


M11    1st Trae DaMore

            2nd Gabe Johnson

            3rd Ryan Jamieson

            5th Kyle Gordon


M13    1st Jack Petrone, 1st Overall

            2nd Ray Lamlein, 2nd Overall

            3rd Jamie Arquit, 5th Overall

            5th Conner Dinn, 9th Overall


M15    2nd Dakota Stuart, 4th Overall