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Student of the Week - Crawford Jones

Congratulations to Crawford Jones who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Crawford is a 12th grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Mendon, VT. He was nominated for this award by English Department Chair Alex Crivici who shared, "Crawford has been putting in a noticeable amount of work in English this term. He asks meaningful and enriching questions, leads class discussions, and is becoming a more articulate writer. I am most proud of Crawford's confidence in class. He has grown so much as not just a student of English, which is something that he used to struggle with, but as a public speaker, and a critical thinker--two qualities that KMS would like to instill within all students. Awesome work, Crawford!" Math Department Chair Steve Tuckerman echoed Alex's thoughts, adding that "Crawford has really stepped it up in precalculus." History Department Chair Courtney O'Keefe agreed, "Crawford is a valuable member of my Introduction to Psychology course. He asks great questions, participates in all classroom discussions, and works hard to turn in great quality work for each assignment for our course. Along with being a genuine hard worker, I also consider Crawford to be a strong student leader in my classroom. He's someone who takes initiative to help others (including myself, especially when I have tech or Google Classroom issues), someone who models appropriate behaviors and expectations every class which represent RILER, and someone who goes above and beyond what he is asked to do. One recent instance that comes to mind that describes his leadership qualities happened prior to him leaving for Stubai. On the day that I went over the class work schedule for all traveling students, Crawford took the time to ask great clarification questions and helped many of his fellow students navigate through their Google Classrooms to find all needed assignments to download. After he was done helping those around him, he used the rest of the block (he had already completed the daily assignment for the class as he worked ahead, thus he had some free time on his hands) to sit in front of the downstairs printer/copier to print out hard copies of all assignments and download all videos without being asked. When he returned back to the classroom, he announced to all those who would be traveling with him that he was the one to come see if they needed any help accessing any of the assignments and videos. He even asked if anyone wanted hard copies of our worksheets then and there and offered to make more, if needed. It was an awesome thing to see!" Nice work, Crawford!




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