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Student of the Week - Tanner Schultz

Congratulations to Tanner Schultz who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Tanner is an 11th grade alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Ivoryton, CT. He was nominated for this award by English teacher Shayna Miller.

Shayna reflected on Tanner as a student, "Tanner has always been a polite and positive addition to my English 11 class, but it was my experience working with Tanner in K-Term for which I would like to nominate him. The new place-based independent research class that Courtney O'Keefe, Steve Tuckerman and I taught was an evolving process that was sometimes exciting and engaging and sometimes a challenge, calling for new approaches and ideas. Throughout the high points and more difficult times, Tanner consistently displayed a good attitude and a willingness to work hard and welcome new hurdles. For example, when Tanner had to secure an interview of a local expert on his chosen topic of snow grooming and snowcat technology, he waited patiently as several of us at KMS reached out to Killington locals trying to find a good source. While some students would have been anxious and complaining during that lag time, Tanner continued to quietly conduct research and even offered to change his research topic midstream if finding a local source was proving too difficult.

Luckily (thank you, Gar and Amy), we eventually located a wonderful and helpful resource in Dave Wright at Killington resort. Tanner dropped everything and raced to the mountain to meet with Wright at the snow-grooming "command center" to learn about the occupation, the technology, and what it takes to maintain the trails where Tanner and his classmates ski. Tanner overcame scant interview prep time, nerves and equipment failure to conduct a smooth and insightful interview with Wright, who then surprised Tanner with an impromptu trip to groom Panic Button so that Tanner could see firsthand how ski trails are maintained.Tanner then worked diligently to share his experiences and findings in the final K-Term paper and produced a very respectable final product. Throughout the ups and downs of navigating his K-Term experience, Tanner was a model of respect and professionalism."

Social Studies Department Chair Courtney O'Keefe seconded the nomination, "I would like to second Shayna's nomination for Tanner. Tanner took the K-Term experience in stride and with purpose. He was attentive, asked great questions, and focused on utilizing his time effectively during each class. He was one of the first students to actively seek out assistance via editing his paper, contacting me at 8 pm on a Friday night to ask me to look at what he had written so far. He took my suggestions and edits and moved his writing forward, showcasing him as a student who was highly motivated to not only do well, but to push himself as a writer and a researcher. It was also apparent in his writing that he was extremely appreciative of his chance to meet Mr. Wright up at Killington Resort. The time he took to describe his interview via detail, from how he got there to what he saw and learned, was done in such a manner that you knew it meant a lot to him to have experienced it. Plus, he got to do an awesome ride-along on Panic Button! Overall, he was an awesome student and one which I will miss having in class for the rest of the year. Way to go, Tanner!"

Math Department Chair Steve Tuckerman also felt Tanner was a great choice, "I would like to second Tanner. Tanner works hard in Algebra 2, cares about his grade, and often comes in for extra help. I also had the pleasure of reading his K-term paper, which was well researched and, with some editing which he worked diligently on, well written." Science Department Chair Terri Isidro agreed, "Tanner works hard in Chemistry class and he displays great maturity and responsibility. I never have to chase after him to get him to complete assignments, if he misses class he makes it a point to stop in and plan to make up anything he missed. Aside from the academics, what stands out about Tanner is that he is a genuinely kind and nice person. He acts respectfully and in a polite and supportive manner to those around him always."

Congratulations, Tanner, on a job incredibly well done!




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