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Student of the Week - Stevie Connolly

Congratulations to Stevie Connolly, who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Stevie is a tenth grade Alpine athlete, who comes to KMS from Braintree, MA. He was nominated for this award by Science Department Chair, Terri Isidro.

Terri's nomination read: "I'd like to nominate Stevie Connolly for Student of the Week. He has shown incredible growth in maturity, focus, patience, and determination in learning the very complex anatomy material we are covering in Kinesiology. He never complains about the amount of practice and work we need to do to learn the material, and is really thorough about how he completes his assignments. He is super proactive about planning for travel and making sure he is up to date with everything in class. In addition, he shows kindness and respect toward others at all times. Stevie overall has been a model of what being a great KMS student who demonstrates what RILER means every day!"

Faculty member Paddy Martin agreed, "I will second that. He was been great in wood shop as well. Wonderful to see!"

Social Studies Department Chair Courtney O'Keefe nominated Stevie as well, "I would like to also nominate Stevie for Student of the Week this week. I have Stevie for US History and it is a pleasure having this young man in my course this year. Stevie is an incredibly kind and respectful young student, who is always ready to do his best in every class and who is not afraid to work hard on every assignment given to him to complete. He comes to class prepared, ready to learn, and is always game to step up and contribute as a leader in the classroom. It is apparent every class that he really thinks about what we are learning in US History and is always ready and confident to share his thoughts and ideas with the class, regardless if he is asked. He has shown much improvement in his writing abilities over the short period of time that I have had with him so far this year. It is apparent that he wants his final products to be something which best represents himself and his abilities. Along with all this, Stevie is a strong community member. He is a great friend to fellow classmates and is an excellent member of Team Yellow. I wouldn't be representing my team if I didn't give him a major shout out about his awesome performance at our recent lip syncing contest! Overall, we are very lucky to have Stevie in our community and I am very lucky to have him as a student. Congratulations, Stevie. This is well earned- be proud of it!" World Languages Department co-chair Robert Cavanna added his praise for Stevie, "I've been astonished by the quality of Stevie's work. He has consistently been punctual to class and has approached his work with a new level of maturity. When necessary, he has effectively communicated his questions and concerns. Above all, he has been courteous & polite."

Finally, Learning Support specialist Hanne Bailey delivered her nomination in the form of an incredibly creative and well-executed rap, the lyrics of which read:

"Now, this is a story all about how Stevie's life got flipped-turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute Give me a second to speak I'll tell you how Stevie became Student of The Week

In Braintree, Mass he was born and raised On the slopes is where he spends most of his days Chillin' out flexin' slides lookin' all cool Skate boardin' with Kian outside of the school When learning in the classroom isn't any good Stevie finds other ways to get understood Through struggles and doubt, not sure if he could Teachers say 'Stevie's matured and his grades are lookin' good."

He's witty and resourceful, this much is clear Stevie's ideas are fresh and have nothing to fear If anything, I say this kind of student is rare He's learned what it takes and does it with flair

No longer being late and learning to advocate So, to Stevie 'Yo; I knew this was your fate.' He gave himself a chance And went on a streak Now accepting an award as Student of The Week"

Because Stevie is away training in Hintertux, Austria, the teachers all recorded their nominations (including the rap!) and emailed them to Stevie so he could hear them since he'd miss all-school meeting. Impressive work, Stevie! We are all very proud of you!




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