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Student of the Week - Jessica Cohen

Congratulations to Jessica Cohen who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Jessica (Jess) is an 11th grade Freestyle athlete who comes to KMS from East Hampton, CT. Jessica was nominated for this award by several teachers, who all spoke of her determination, dedication and commitment to her studies.

Science Department Chair Terri Isidro shared, "Jess has shown excellent effort in Honors Chemistry and should be recognized for her dedication, organization, and motivation. She also moved to Honors Chemistry starting in the winter-term (her decision because she wanted to challenge herself!), and she has made a great transition. She is so conscientious and has a positive attitude and makes great contributions to the class all while being very kind and respectful to her peers. It's always great to see her smiling face in class!"

World Languages Department co-chair Claudia Revenko-Bowen added her thoughts, "Jess is independent, strong and determined, always showing perseverance on challenging tasks wherever she may be. This bright, young woman makes no excuses. She works very hard when in class or when she's miles away while training or competing. I am truly inspired by her motivation to succeed academically and athletically, knowing that the process is never easy, and that the end goals take a lot of sacrifice and grit. Great work Jess! You are so deserving of this recognition."

English faculty member Nate Clifford expounded on Jess's contributions to their class, "Jess is one of the lights at KMS that keeps us all woke. A talented athlete and intelligent contributor to class discussion, what strikes me the most about Jess, is how diligent and dedicated she is in getting her work done. If success is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration, then Jess will be running her own company soon. Not only does she consistently perform at the highest caliber, but she also frequently helps others, both sharing notes and giving pointers to bring up the rest of her team. Jess is a gift to her community wherever she is."

Art/Photography instructor Eric Kuntz commented, "Jess is outstanding in her Photography II class! She did some great work on her 30-day photo challenge. While on the road, she completed all her assignments on time or even ahead of the scheduled due date. Her creative side has been growing all year, and it shows in this high-level photography course with outstanding poise and brilliant creativity."

Amy Allen, Academic Dean and Student Council faculty member added the following, "It is an incredible pleasure working alongside Jess on Student Council. As Vice President, Jessica is always engaged in the needs of her peers and in how to make the school a better place. She is adult-like and professional in her communication, and has tremendous follow through with tasks. It's clear to me that she will shine as she progresses in her academic life and also in her professional life beyond school. She truly helps make the school a better place and is committed to her role in doing so."

Congratulations, Jess! On a well-deserved honor.




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