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Student of the Week - Aliza Tobias

Congratulations to Aliza Tobias who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Aliza is a 12th grade cycling athlete who comes to KMS from Exeter, PA. She was nominated for this award by several of her teachers, based on her work ethic, consistent effort, and strong ability.

Art teacher Eric Kuntz commented, "Aliza is an outstanding student. She comes to class on time or even early, even coming to the classroom to work during her free time. Aliza loves all different types of art projects. She never complains and is always helpful in cleaning up and helping others. She just finished an outstanding Bob Ross inspired painting, and is doing another project that entails glass and painting. Aliza is very positive, great in the dorm, and likes to be involved. She's just overall a great student and person.

Humanities teacher Ian Groezinger added, "I would also like to nominate Aliza. She has been a phenomenal student all year, showing a strong ability to read, interpret, and apply a wide base of knowledge to a number of subject areas. In a rigorous, work-intensive class that is an elective, Aliza has maintained a steady A to A+ average all year. The one thing that sticks out most however, is that she is not afraid to ask difficult questions in support of what she believes."

Social Studies Department Chair Courtney O'Keefe agreed with the nomination, "I would also like to put forth a nomination for Aliza Tobias for Student of the Week this week. For the past three years, I have come to know Aliza as an intelligent young academic with a passion for learning. She has consistently proven herself to be highly motivated and strongly dedicated to her academic studies, demonstrating herself to be one of the few students whom I have had the pleasure of teaching during my career who sees the value of the personal and academic growth associated with a 21st Century education. Although I do not teach her this year, I have consistently seen these qualities from Aliza. Whether it is a quiet conversation on a history topic she is discussing with another student in the pantry area, or her willingness to sit down during her free blocks to work ahead on her assignment load for the week, or her willingness to help her friends and fellow student-athletes with assignments, Aliza continually demonstrates her high level of commitment to her studies, her growth as a learner, and her engagement in the KMS community. She is academically motivated, inquiry-driven, capable of approaching whatever she is learning with a critical eye. Additionally, she is able to make in-depth, analytical connections which go beyond simply memorizing factual information. Aliza is more than deserving of this recognition."

Academic Dean Amy Allen shared, "I can nominate Aliza for her work in our senior K-term course, as well. She was the first student to log in before the class even started, and begin completing assignments while she was on the road in Florida with the cycling team. She did this without being prompted or asked. As the class has continued, her work has been consistent, thoughtful and strong, including a recent written analysis in which she explored the Cranberries song "Zombie" and its link to the 1993 IRA bombing in Northern Ireland. Aliza is a thoughtful student and is a steady, strong presence and a pleasure to have in class."

Math/Science instructor Allison Resnick nominated Aliza as well, "I would also like to nominate Aliza. She is an extremely consistent student. Every week she works hard and does her best. She always turns in her work on time, even while on the road. She also does well on tests, and when there is something she didn't understand she asks for clarification before moving on. She has outstanding work ethic and her grades reflect that."

English Department Chair Shayna Miller rounded out the nominations, "I will also endorse Aliza’s nomination. Aliza has been my student three times, and in each class she has been a model of integrity, maturity, discipline and creativity to boot. In whatever endeavor Aliza sets her mind to, she does her best to put forth a solid effort and to achieve her best results. Despite her consistency, Aliza continues to surprise us, as she did last month with her original poetry. As always, well done, Aliza!"

Incredible work, Aliza! We are proud of you; well done!




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