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Civil Rights

On Monday March 2, in honor of February’s African History month and March’s Women’s History month, the students and faculty of KMS were asked to attend a presentation on Civil Rights.

This program featured an overview of how the nation has evolved from the adoption of the U.S. Constitution to amendments and legislation that have been passed that have affected the citizens of our country.

Utilizing a PowerPoint to bring images to the program, various focus points and film clips helped the students realize how many have struggled to change our nation into the democracy of today. Students were asked a very difficult question, Would they be willing to be beaten or perhaps give their lives for a cause in which they believe?

This was supported by a film clip of the “Bloody Sunday” attack on marchers at the Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama in 1965. The students also were asked if they knew what their civil rights actually encompassed. Hopefully after this program, they are more aware of and thankful for their privileges after seeing the efforts made to attain our civil rights.




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