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History in Miniature

In January, Hadley and Lizzie began working on a new project for the History in Miniature elective, a Victorian village scene. They began by constructing trees using tree armatures, poly fiber, and coarse turf. These professional-grade items are also used for model railroads and by diorama builders and architectural designers.

After making a good number of trees, the student then began the construction of buildings using rare Cut & Assemble books, which contain wonderfully illustrated examples a New England Village. Next, they worked on a street design, laid out the village, and added landscaping.

Lizzie stated, “My favorite part of this project was learning and building the different kinds of shops and buildings that they had in a New England Village from the 1800’s.”

The students did a great job on their project - with more to come before the end of KMS winter term!




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