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Lizzie Degraw - 6/1 Academic Standout

Academic Standout- Lizzie DeGraw

Presentation on June 1st, 2020

Written and Edited by Courtney O’Keefe and Emily Hudson

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to announce this week’s Academic Standout, Lizzie DeGraw! Lizzie is a U19/U21 Women’s Alpine athlete, who comes to us from Mendon VT. Lizzie was recognized by several of her teachers this week, who consider her both a joy and asset to have within the classroom. From her dedication to her studies, to her positive attitude in class, to her inquisitive nature, Lizzie has truly shown herself to be an incredible young academic who has left her mark on each and every one of us.

Social Studies Department Co-Chair Courtney O’Keefe was the first to put forth a nomination for Lizzie this week. Courtney writes, “I would like to put forth a nomination for Lizzie DeGraw this week for Academic Standout. Always the dedicated student, Lizzie has been a wonderful addition to my Introduction to Psychology course this year. From our very first class, it was apparent that the study of both the human mind and behavior was one of great interest to this young lady. She has enthusiastically, as well as unapologetically, embraced this interest to really dive deep into the many interesting subjects we studied throughout this course. Her natural curiosity has been a great asset to our class as she has stepped forward many times throughout the year to offer new ideas and perspectives for us to consider as well as directed much of our additional research and exploration of the topics covered in class via the many great thought-provoking questions she has posed. Because of her, we have often explored the psychological topics and subjects studied in class more in-depth, which has made our learning of what it means to be human more insightful, meaningful, and impactful. Overall, she is a great student to have in any classroom. She is respectful, responsible, kind, and supportive. All of us, including myself, benefit greatly from her presence within the classroom. If there is someone which I believe is most deserving of this recognition, it most definitely is Lizzie. Congratulations, Lizzie! Very proud of you!”

World Languages and Cultures Co-Chair and Global Citizen Program Coordinator Claudia Revenko-Bowen seconded Lizzie’s nomination. Claudia states, “What a wonderful culmination to years of practice and effort in learning a second language! Guided by her determination to become more fluent in Spanish, Lizzie has worked very hard to improve her skills, always taking responsibility for her own learning by utilizing the numerous digital tools available for language acquisition and culture, Her success is a result of her dedication and will to step outside of her comfort zone, trying new strategies, and never letting obstacles get in the way. Great work Lizzie! ¡Excellente!”

Studio Art/Graphic Design/Photography Teacher and Student Life Coordinator Eric Kuntz also put forth a nomination for Lizzie. Eric comments, “Lizzie is a pleasure to have in the art room. She said in the beginning of the year that she was only taking Studio Art to "fill-in" some space in her senior year class schedule, and that she already had enough art credits to graduate. This being said, however, she never treated this class with less respect, focus, or dedication. She truly was all in! This quarter, especially, Lizzie has been the most consistent student I have, showing up on-time or early, turning in her work before due dates, and always being part of the daily class. Though this senior year fell short with complications, I know Lizzie and the rest of the senior class will take these challenges and look back on them with great pride with how they dealt with this unique situation. To the class of 2020! And to Lizzie DeGraw!”

And lastly, rounding out this wonderful list of nominations is Science Department Chair Terri Isidro. Terri reflects, “ Though I have not had Lizzie for any classes this year I am her advisor and I can say that it is impressive to hear the positive feedback from her teachers. I see first-hand the hard work she puts into everything she does, and how responsible she is. Lizzie also pitches in wherever necessary, has a great attitude, and is a kind student who exemplifies the values of KMS, not just academically but in a broader spiritual sense.”

Congratulations, Lizzie! A student definitely worthy of this recognition! A great way to end Academic Standout for the 2019-2020 school year!




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