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Bridget Wilson- 10/25 Academic Standout

Academic Standout Recognition

Date: October 25th, 2021

Student: Bridget Wilson

House Team: Snowdon Peak

Presenter: Eric Kuntz

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to announce Bridget Wilson as our Academic Standout for the week! Bridget is a 9th grade U16 Women’s Alpine and Endurance Cycling athlete, who comes to KMS from Dunbarton, New Hampshire. Bridget received several nominations this week from her teachers. From her impactful positive attitude, to her consistent meeting, as well as, surpassing classroom expectations, to her incredible curiosity and drive to learn, to her genuine appreciation for all the opportunities presented to her at KMS, etc., there was no doubt amongst our faculty that Bridget should be recognized this week. She is a true example of the amazing talent and grit we have within our classrooms and overall school community.

Putting forth the first nomination for Bridget this week is Student Life Coordinator and Studio Art/Photography/Graphic Design teacher Eric Kuntz. Eric states, “Bridget has been my nomination for academic standout for the past two weeks. Since our first class last year, Bridget has been nothing, but excellent in the art room. Showing up on time, sometimes early, to staying late and helping with the class clean up. Bridget’s work is alway turned in on time from her in-class art projects to her weekly traveling sketchbook assignments.”

Enthusiastically seconding this nomination is English Department Co-Chair Nate Clifford. Nate reflects, “Integrity, Grit and Gratitude. Bridget Wilson exemplifies the traits that most of us spend our lives acquiring. I am consistently impressed with how she communicates often and early and attends every single class, despite travel, competitions and training. Bridgett has a sense of honor that belies her age. It is clear that learning is something she takes full ownership of. In a world littered with distractions and competing pulls for attention (Competitions, Phones, Friends, Travel etc.) Bridget seems grounded and wields an uncommon vision of how she wants her high school career to progress. When faced with challenges she is quick to assess what she has control over, and focuses on the pieces she can change, adapting to the requirements she cannot. She has exceptional vision perhaps, able to delay instant gratification for the benefit of harder earned rewards, and often true wisdom.”

Rounding out these amazing nominations is Social Studies Department Co-Chair and Middle School Program Head Ian Groezinger. Ian writes, “Bridget has been spectacular since day one. Everyday she comes to class with a good attitude and is ready to learn; more importantly, she always shows up with an infectious smile. Since the year started Bridget has done a great job participating in class while asking thoughtful and meaningful questions in regards to the subject matter at hand. In addition, she continues to turn in high quality work on all assignments.”

Way to go, Bridget! A well-earned and well-deserved recognition! Nice work!





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