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Jaedon Beardsley- Academic Standout 3/29/21

Academic Standout for March 29th, 2021

Student Recognized: Jaedon Beardsley

Presented by Adam Boshart

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to recognize Jaedon Beardsley as this week’s Academic Standout! Jaedon is a Winter-Term U16 Men’s Alpine athlete, who comes to KMS from Barnard Vermont. Jaedon was nominated by several of his teachers, each recognizing this young man’s strong work ethic, high level of engagement, and his overall positive attitude within the classroom.

Full-Term Math and Science teacher Adam Boshart was the first to put forth a nomination for Jaedon, and enthusiastically volunteered to present for Jaedon at this week’s all-school meeting. Adam states, “Calm, cool, collected, and much more! In fact, because of his relaxed disposition, it almost was not obvious that he was absolutely crushing Earth Science! Not much has seemed to challenge Jaedon in my class. His assignments are always turned in before they are due, not to mention that they are completed with great detail. He has scored 100% or above on nearly every assessment we have taken this winter-term. But more importantly to me, he is always interested and engaged in class discussion, often leading himself and his classmates to discover more than what the curriculum asked for. Well deserved, to say the least!”

Winter-Term Math and Science teacher Donna Brewster seconded this nomination. Donna reflects, “Always with a positive disposition, Jaedon always has a “can do” attitude. I thoroughly enjoy working with him as he always puts in 100% effort. It’s great having his enthusiastic attitude in class.”

English Department Co-Chair Nate Clifford also added his nomination for Jaedon to the fold. Nate creatively writes, “Consistent. Hard-working. Talented. Direct. But quiet? That wasn't an association I had with Jaedon. So I was doubly stymied when he repeated across the room,

"You want me to yell this?!!"Jaedon asked.

"Yes." I replied. "Please."

"These words? Out Loud?" He continued. A pregnant silence filled the air. We were at the final climactic scene in Othello in which the titular hero was turning on his new bride, convinced of her betrayal by the two-faced frenemy Iago. Jaedon was reading for Othello, full of rage and anger, preparing to murder his new wife. I could understand his hesitancy. The weight of those accusations, the fire in those words, was enough to get a stern reprimand on any other occasion. And this was a long week, full of races and travel, and a thousand distractions from Shakespeare. The silence grew almost unbearable in the classroom.

"YES!" urged Maddie vehemently. And then Jaedon brought the room to life.”

A job well done, Jaedon! We are very proud of you!





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