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ABOUT Killington Mountain School


KMS is a singularly unique place, where active involvement and engagement is welcomed and encouraged by all.  Our ability to program to the individual requires constant contact and communication with each student-athlete, teacher, coach and parent.  At KMS this "whole community" involvement is at a level unlike that of any other school and this defines the first of our three greatest strengths.



We're all in this together...  Throughout the year, we refer often to the concept of "team" with our student-athletes, faculty and staff.  It is only through the successful implementation of this team concept that our school can thrive, and we actively encourage the involvement of all parts to make the whole.  At KMS that intimate involvement is encouraged and supported by those working with your children, and this close sense of belonging and involvement leads to a sense of shared responsibility, pride and respect - the backbone of any successful endeavor.



The structural framework of support for our community lies in the outstanding people that we have assembled to work with your children.  Exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable coaches and teachers, dedicated to enhancing the learning process for our student-athletes, serve as the steel trusses and girders upon which a KMS education rests.  Their commitment to the student-athletes, to learning and knowledge, encourages academic, athletic and personal growth and defines the essence of a KMS education.  Having good guides helps model positive behaviors and helps to grow a healthy mind and body, which is critical to the long-term success of our student-athletes, and therein lies our second strength.



Our sense of place and the resource that our home mountain provides is the third crucial aspect of the Killington Mountain School experience.  The mountain setting and the healthy lifestyle that it promotes is paramount in the development of our students.  Killington itself provides unmatched resources for our athletes to take advantage of, and our central location serves to place KMS at the "hub" of mountain sports competition in the East.  This convenient, centralized location is augmented by the athletic facilities and training venues both on the hill and on campus, and provides the finishing touches to the structure of both school and student.  


To learn more and to experience the intangible qualities that truly make KMS great, you absolutely need to visit us in person.  I think that you will find, as we have, that KMS is a remarkable place, and a community that is both welcoming and genuine.  We look forward to seeing you on campus soon to give you a closer look at and introduction to all that the Killington Mountain School has to offer.

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