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Full-Term High School
Dates: August - June
Sport: All
Grades:  9-12

Full-term students take part in college preparatory courses in a private school environment.  During the fall and spring, students attend a full day of classes and train in the afternoons.  During winter-term, there is a half-day academic schedule; the remainder of the day is dedicated to individualized athletic training.


The KMS curriculum is uniquely tailored to the demands of students balancing academics with athletic competitions. KMS offers high-school curricula at all levels including honors and accelerated courses. The curriculum is challenging, and students are encouraged to challenge themselves. Teachers and coaches work together to ensure that academic and athletic demands on each student-athlete are balanced throughout the school year. Class size is small, enabling differentiated and personalized instruction. Students also work closely with faculty for tutoring and mentoring, resulting in a uniquely-tailored educational experience. The end result is graduates who are uniquely prepared for any and all future endeavors in higher education and beyond.  

Starting in Fall 2020, KMS is offering an academics-only program to qualifying students in grades 7-12. While this is not the first time KMS has welcomed students participating in athletics outside of our traditional winter and cycling sports, we have designed the 2020-2021 academics-only program to allow for a small number of day students, and to more widely serve students in grades 9-12 who are seeking synchronous, fully online learning.  All KMS classrooms are equipped with technology for students to learn both in-person as well as virtually.  We "flex" as needed depending on time/place/circumstances of the teacher and the student(s).  KMS’ small size, the focus on personalization, and the expertise of our faculty sets us apart in this regard.  For academics-only day students, athletic training will take place via their own arrangements outside of KMS.  

High School Themes:

Grade-level themes are incorporated into each KMS class in a meaningful way.  They are as follows:

Freshmen: Technology and the Environment, Sophomores: Global Literacy, Juniors: Disruption and Social Change, Seniors: Community and Connections.  Full-term students delve deeply into the practical application of academic subjects, making learning come alive in a non-traditional way.  Through creative use of digital tools, project-based learning, choice and opportunity, students are motivated to learn beyond the confines of the school setting.  Confidence and perseverance are developed as students gain responsibility for achieving the goals of the curriculum: to target the skills of creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Our Global Citizen Program assists teachers in incorporating the global curriculum into their classes by providing opportunities for interdisciplinary lessons, activities, and experiences. ​

College Classes:

KMS partners with the Community College of Vermont (CCV) to offer college classes to our 11th, 12th, and PG student-athletes. These college level courses are included in your KMS Tuition. CCV has been accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges since 1975. CCV is Vermont’s second largest college, providing flexible, innovative programs and exemplary support services. With twelve locations and extensive online learning options, CCV is a great choice for KMS students.  KMS students are able to take up to 2 classes, which count toward KMS graduation requirements, and earn up to 6 college credits.  Courses may be chosen based upon student needs and interests, and in consultation with the Director of Academics. (Program will start in the 2021-22 academic year.)

Full-Term High School

Full-Term Middle School

Full-Term Middle School

Dates: August - June

Sport: All

Grades: 7-8

Full term students enjoy uniquely tailored courses that cross disciplines and encourage critical thinking. The students will gain a deep understanding of the world around them by exploring details that interconnect to create dynamic pictures.


Middle School Program: 

The KMS Middle School Program is separated into two years (“Year A” and “Year B”) which alternate over a two-year span and are organized within categorical frameworks. The overarching theme of the program is “Our Place in the World” and involves an interdisciplinary exploration of our connection to and impact upon the world. “Year A” focuses on both Beliefs (topics that inspire strong convictions and debate, different perspectives on a wide range of issues) and on Our Vermont Landscape (Vermont’s natural resources, state and local history, a rich literary tradition). “Year B” covers Connected People (human rights, social change, the impact of technology on energy and ecosystems, government systems) and Amplified Humans (athletics, evolution, the history of sport, human achievement, forces of motion).  In accordance with the KMS Global Citizenship Standard, all middle school students will take a world language (French, Italian, or Spanish).

Full-Term Middle School
PG Program

PG Program


Dates: August - April 

Sport: Alpine, Freestyle, Freeskiing, Snowboard, Cycling

Grades:  PG

This option offers recent high school graduates an opportunity to focus on an extensive training and competition program before heading to college.  In addition to coaching and training, PG students have access to academic enrichment courses.  Each PG student will work together with teachers and coaches at the start of the season to design an individualized academic and athletic plan for the year. 


Heading 1

Winter-Term Program

Dates: December- April

Sport: Alpine, Freestyle, Freeskiing, Snowboard

Grades: 7-8; High School is Discretionary

The KMS winter-term program is geared toward student-athletes in 7th-8th grade, allowing them to pursue skiing and snowboarding excellence while continuing high level academics. 


Students in the winter-term attend their sending schools from September-November, enroll at KMS for December through April, and then complete their academic year with their sending schools. Students unenroll from their sending schools and integrate into KMS’ curriculum. 


During the winter session, there is a half-day academic schedule during the week, with the other half of the day being dedicated to individualized athletic training. Winter-term students benefit from the small, individualized classes and access to high quality coaching and training. Regular progress reports and communication are essential components of the academic program.


Winter-Term Program

BOOST Program


Come BOOST your skills at the Killington Mountain School!


The BOOST Elite Programs provide an introduction to KMS for our younger alpine, freestyle, freeskiing, and snowboard student-athletes. Our BOOST athletes will train and participate in academics alongside our winter-term student-athletes, and will be pushed just as hard academically as they are athletically. The program also offers multiple three-day to one-week camp options during the fall, winter and summer seasons.   

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