PROGRAMS // Full-Term

Dates: mid-August  to mid-June
Sport: Alpine, Cycling  (Endurance and Gravity), Freestyle, Freeskiing, Snowboard
Grades:  7-12

The KMS full-term program provides each KMS student-athlete with an academic program uniquely tailored to the demands of competing at an elite level. The combination of small class sizes and close interaction with faculty allows full-term student-athletes to balance top-notch academics with elite-level athletic competition. Teachers and coaches work together to ensure that academic and athletic demands on each student-athlete fluctuate in proportion, providing for an accelerated academic pace outside of competition season to allow for the intense athletic demands of the peak competition season.


Killington Mountain School’s unique curriculum is designed to offer unparalleled academics to our student-athletes. It incorporates a blended learning approach, making the most of both traditional brick and mortar instruction as well as harnessing all technology has to offer in and outside the classroom. The curriculum includes a flexible and comprehensive range of courses including social sciences, history, English, physical and life sciences, mathematics, and foreign language as well as a wide variety of technology, fine arts, and music electives. The curriculum emphasizes the development of writing and study skills, critical thinking, and practical applications of new concepts.


Off-season sport offerings include both mountain and road bike racing under the banner of the Killington Mountain School Cycling Team, as well as potential access to individual and club team sports such as lacrosse.



Dates: December - March

Sport: Alpine, Cycling (Endurance and Gravity), Freestyle, Freeskiing, Snowboard
Grades: 6-12

The KMS Winter-Term Program is designed for student-athletes in grades 7-12 to pursue skiing, snowboarding, and cycling excellence while maintaining a high level of academics. The program can be structured in one of two ways. Students may either enroll in KMS curriculum offerings and participate in all KMS courses throughout the duration of their stay on campus, or they may choose to maintain close connection to their sending schools, completing the sending school work while at KMS under the guidance of our instructors. Student-athletes in the winter-term program should choose which avenue best suits them based on a number of factors: these include the level of sending school cooperation and flexibility, in addition to the need to take sending school finals/cumulative exams. In both enrollment scenarios, the KMS faculty works with each student-athlete to ensure that the transition back to the sending school in the spring is seamless.  

A winter-term student who chooses to suspend his/her sending school academics and fully enroll in our school’s curriculum offerings will be supported by our faculty in the exploration of math, science, humanities and arts via our regular course offerings and electives. The KMS curriculum will likely approximate that of what a student’s sending school might offer, while also offering students the ability to delve even more deeply into fields of interest due to small-class size and highly personalized instruction. The KMS academic faculty is top-notch, with a wide-range of expertise and an unyielding commitment to our students.



Each fall, KMS teachers begin working closely with each student-athlete's sending school to establish clear expectations and coordinate academic requirements that the student must meet during his or her time at KMS. This process guarantees that each student-athlete's academic curriculum is tailored to meet the sending school's expectations and ensures a seamless and successful transition back in the spring.



>> Students attend their sending schools.


>> Parents meet with sending school counselors and teachers to discuss KMS program and transition to KMS.

>> KMS Academic Department and sending schools establish communication regarding course curriculum, if applicable.

>> Parents assist in collecting course information, curricula, books and syllabi, if applicable.


>> KMS teachers establish contact with sending school teachers, if applicable.


>> Students transfer to KMS.

>> Students continue academic course work with KMS faculty.


>> KMS students attend class, train and compete.

>> KMS faculty sends biweekly communication to sending school and parents.


>> Students return to their sending schools.


PG Program

Sports: Alpine, Freestyle, Freeskiing, Snowboard, Cycling
Dates: Sept - June
Grades:  Post Graduates

KMS PG programs cater to the individual needs of student-athletes searching to extend their training, prepare for college-level athletics, and to continue using their minds via participation in flexible, pass/fail academic, college-like seminar courses, through the mentoring of younger athletes, and via structured community engagement.



BOOST Program


Come BOOST your skills at the Killington Mountain School!


The BOOST program is an introduction to the academy lifestyle for alpine, freestyle, freeskiing, and snowboard student-athletes in grades 6 - 8. BOOST Camp program participants will train with our coaches. BOOST Elite Academy participants will train with our dedicated coaches and will work with our dedicated teachers, just like student-athletes in our winter-term programs.


 Since 1974, KMS has provided student-athletes the opportunity to pursue excellence on the ski slope and in the classroom. KMS alumni have proved themselves as athletes and as scholars, as leaders in business and in the community. The personal attention and passion for excellence at KMS guides each student-athlete towards his or her potential, helping each alum reach his or her goals. 


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