Killington Mountain School provides athletes a progressive foundation toward success in Alpine ski racing with academic and non-academic camps, sessions, and season-long programs.

With an emphasis on the fundamentals, KMS strives to create an environment that is fun, supportive, and conducive to learning, and one that is tailored to the needs of each athlete.



Brendan "Drex" Drexler

Brendan "Drex" Drexler

U16 Men's Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 276

BA & MS Castleton University

Chelsea Marshall

Chelsea Marshall

U16 Women's Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 233

Craig Bennett

Craig Bennett

Head U14 Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 258

BS Mechanical Engineering Clarkson University

Kyle Tracy

Kyle Tracy

U16 Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 275

BS Franklin Pierce College

Marissa Hasse

Marissa Hasse

Strength and Conditioning and U14 Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 264

BS Plymouth State University

Michael Hirschbuhl

Michael Hirschbuhl

U19 Men's Coach and Downhill MTB Coach

802.422.5671, ext.282

BA Castleton University

Pavel Stastny

Pavel Stastny

PG/U19/21 Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 267

PhD. Sport Training from Komensky University Bratislava

Thea Young

Thea Young

U19 Coach

802.422.5671 ext.

BS Virginia Tech


Training Projects

KMS athletic programs run year-round, providing student-athletes with the building blocks they need to reach their goals. KMS racers work throughout the preparation period—the time between the end of one competition season and the beginning of the next—to be ready for that next season's competitions.

Each winter, the coaching staff plans the training projects for the following preparation period; these plans are based on the year-round athletic development curriculum and targetted to the needs of KMS student-athletes. KMS Training Projects are open only to enrolled and enrolling student-athletes, unless otherwise noted.

Winter alpine BOOST camps are open to KMS students and Dev Program participants.

PG Program

The Killington Mountain School Post-Graduate Program provides athletes who aspire to compete at the NorAm level, dream of racing for an NCAA Division 1 school or National Team with a highly individualized program to achieve their goals. As part of a year-around program, PG athletes begin their training in May to prepare for the upcoming season.


The conditioning, sports psychology, sport science, and on-snow training includes oversight from the KMS coaching staff throughout the year. The PG Program includes approximately 50 days of on snow training during the prep period (June 1-November 30), plus training and competition support during the competition period (December 1- April 7). Dryland training programs begin May 1, with access to KMS training facilities and coaching staff oversight.

The PG Training Program includes training and competition at Killington Resort and other venues, with both morning and afternoon sessions as appropriate. PG training schedules are coordinated with the coaching staff based upon the athlete's competition schedule. PG athletes can expect to compete at Regional FIS and NorAm races, and may include international competition in Europe and Canada if appropriate.


Academics: All PG athletes are eligible for classes, preferably college level. KMS offers courses through Castleton State College and theCommunity College of Vermont. These credits may be transferable. 


KMS Alpine Alumni

US Ski Team Members
>> Kristin Leggett '09
>> Lindsay Cone '06
>> Stefan Hughes PG '05 

>> Megan Trayner '01

>> Kyle Wieche '85 (Albertville Olympic Team)

>> Scott Smith '79 
>> Brad Hogan

NCAA Division I Racers 

>> John Bianchi '18 (Boston College)

>> Bobby Ryan '17 (Boston College)

>> Paul Ferri '17 (Colby College)

>> Marc Hartnett '17 (Colby College)

>> Cassidy Bebo '17 (Bates College)

>> Tommy Shantler '17 (Plymouth State University)

>> Ava Mattsson '16 (University of New Hampshire)
>> Lily Hogan ‘16 (Colby College)
>> James Ferri '14 (Dartmouth)
>> Michael Ferri '13 (Colby College)
>> Cameron Price '13 (Colby College)
>> Kristie Ryan '12 (Boston College)
>> Dylan Malone '12 (Bates College)
>> Dan Martin '12 (Saint Lawrence University)

>> Alison Visconti '11 (Saint Lawrence University)
>> James Ryan '10 (Colby College)
>> Timothy Spangler '10 (Saint Michaels College)

>> Matthew Beers '10 (Saint Michaels College)

>> Johnny Canney '07 (Bates College, NCAA Championships '11)
>> Zach Clayton '07 (UNH; First-Team All-American Honors)

>> Heidi Robbins '07 (Saint Lawrence University, Saint Michael's College)
>> Brian Swartz '05 (Middlebury College)

>> Jeff Hackett ‘04 (UVM)

>> Dan Loman '04 (Bates College, NCAA Championships '07)
>> Arley Kemmerer '02 (UNH)
>> Greg Petrics '01 (Middlebury College)
>> David Coriell '01 (Middlebury College; All-American Honors)
>> Kristen Copeland '98 (UNH)
>> Dave Ehringer '97 (UVM)
>> Fred Coriell Jr. '97 (Middlebury College)
>> Mike Copeland '96 (UNH)
>> Kina Pickett '92 (Bates College)
>> Derek McClellan '92 (UVM)
>> Stever Bartlett '92 (St. Lawrence, US Ski Team Coach)
>> Kristi Brown '87 (UVM)
>> Jim Bianchi '87 (Boston College)
>> Mark Smith '79 (UVM)