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Online Learning

As a G-Suite school, KMS utilizes Google Classroom and Google Apps extensively.  We “flex” between in-person classrooms and Google Classrooms due to athletic demands; but also because it is aligned with our educational philosophy.  A blended hybrid model is in alignment with constructivist principles.  It is student-centered - allowing for choice, control, independence, relevance, and personal growth.


KMS invests in technology training to ensure that our faculty utilize the software and hardware tools in a consistent and productive manner allowing students to focus on learning and the educational content rather than methods of delivery and work submission. A key requirement of the blended and online learning model is fast reliable WiFi, both on and off campus when students are traveling.  Online resources such as the KMS Intranet and Parent Portal provide Students, Faculty and Parents with a central repository of information and tools.  It is the responsibility of the student to have the electronic equipment and internet access (when at home) needed for successful online learning.


KMS recognizes the value of in-person, face-to-face, relationship-based learning and acknowledges that online learning is not intended to serve as replacement for but rather a complement to and continuity of learning away from school. Online teaching is a process of risk, experimentation, and creativity where teachers act as guides. 


The following essential objectives for online learning communicate how faculty will apply digital and experiential learning when student-athletes are away on training trips and/or in the event of a school closure:

  • Focus on the most essential standards in the content areas that will support movement to the next grade level as well as reinforce previously taught skills and offer opportunities to deepen learning. 

  • Maintain flexibility in curriculum in order to differentiate instruction to support asynchronous and synchronous pedagogy.

  • Create lesson plans that inspire critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity among students. 

  • Meet the learning style or needs of all students by providing weekly individualized support blocks and access to resources, including technology and media skills essential to successful outcomes of instruction.

  • Create and enable a culture of continuous feedback, in order to promote student growth. 



KMS students may request materials from surrounding schools and colleges through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and have access to Gale Resources via the Vermont Online Library (VOL).  We also have a rotating collection of casual reading books.


Dual Enrollment Option

As a junior or senior attending an independent school using public tuition dollars in Vermont, Vermont residents are eligible for two Dual Enrollment vouchers, each good for one free college course at a Vermont college or university.  The free credits earned at college also count as credit towards graduation from high school.  Out-of-state students may also choose to take an online college class during the school year, but they must make separate registration and payment arrangements directly with the college or university.

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