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ACADEMICS at Killington Mountain School


Finding each individual's optimum balance between athletics and academics is the cornerstone of the KIllington Mountain School experience. A Vermont-approved independent school, KMS has been teaching student-athletes the values of hard work and commitment, both in the classroom and on the slopes or trails, for more than 40 years. Killington Mountain School was granted full, institutional accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) in 2015.


Killington Mountain School’s curriculum offers unparalleled academics to our student-athletes. It includes a comprehensive range of courses including social sciences, history, English, physical and life sciences, mathematics, and world language as well as a wide variety of arts, music and technology electives. The curriculum emphasizes the development of rhetorical skills, the development of critical thinking and study skills, practical applications of new concepts and helping students forge connections between their learning and the “big picture.”


KMS provides an academic program uniquely tailored to the demands of student-athletes competing at an elite level. The combination of small class-size and close interaction with faculty allows student-athletes to balance top-notch academics with elite-level athletic competition. Teachers and coaches work together to ensure that academic and athletic demands on each student-athlete fluctuate in proportion, providing for an accelerated academic pace outside of competition season to allow for the intense athletic demands of the peak competition season. KMS teaches self-reliance, and students are guided to take individual responsibility for their own academic success.


KMS educates students via a blended-learning approach, utilizing a theme-based humanities and a science, technology, engineering and math curriculum; our students are optimally prepared for the 21st Century life beyond KMS. Many of the skills taught in our program (creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking) and reinforced qualities of character (mindfulness, curiosity, courage, resilience, ethics and leadership) are inherent components of the KMS experience. All faculty, coaches and teachers, collaborate to ensure that these skills and qualities of character are an inherent and complementary part of the learning experience for our students in the classroom and in sport. 

The blending of traditional bricks-and-mortar classroom instruction with the best of online tools and technology provides for better on-campus instruction and support for traveling students. We break down the notion of classroom walls and seek out opportunities to connect students with learning opportunities whenever and wherever they may exist.


Elizabeth Cardiasmenos
Director of Academics
802.422.5671 ext. 212

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