KMS athletic programs run year-round, providing student-athletes with the building blocks they need to reach their goals. KMS racers work throughout the preparation period—the time between the end of one competition season and the beginning of the next—to be ready for that next season's competitions.


Winter BOOST Camps


Winter camps provide young student-athletes the opportunity to benefit from quality training at Killington and/or Copper Mountain to jump start their race seasons. KMS coaches guide athletes through a focus on fundamentals that provides them with a solid foundation for the season as they continue with their progression into gate training. The Champs Camp offers strategic preparation for athletes heading into the season's championship events.

Thanksgiving Camp
Holiday Camp
Mt. Hood

Summer BOOST Camps


Big Snow American Dream Indoor, East Rutherford, NJ
Saas Fee, Switzerland

Athletic Conditioning Camps


Open to athletes 10-14 years old from all disciplines, Athletic Conditioning Camps give a glimpse into the athletic lifestyle of true athletes, teaching participants how to push their bodies, brains, hearts, and minds to a whole new level, all while having fun. Through gym activities and outdoor exploration such as hiking, biking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, and more, participants will return to their sport choice with increased focus, agility, conditioning, and awareness of how to reach their personal bests. 

Summer Conditioning Camps