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Killington Mountain School offers student-athletes the opportunity to pursue excellence in five athletic disciplines: ski racing, cycling, freestyle skiing, freeskiing and snowboarding.


At KMS, athletics is a core part of the curriculum.  Integrated into the academic offerings, one's sport is as much a part of the school experience as are the academic subjects. Every sport is supported by a science-based strength and conditioning, sport psychology program and world-class training venues allowing KMS student-athletes to reach their full potential.


We are committed to instilling a lifelong passion for sport and to assist athletes in recognizing the importance of goal setting and teamwork to achieve individual success. From physical conditioning to mental preparation, our athletes are equipped for success in the most competitive circuits in the United States and abroad.

KMS provides student-athletes with a progressive foundation toward success in competition with academic and non-academic camps, sessions, and programs:


Beginning with KSC/KMS Development programs, KMS offers weekend and extended training opportunities for developing young, well-rounded athletes allowing them the opportunity to pursue their love of the sport through training and competition. These programs are the primary development pipelines for the Killington Mountain School. KMS also offers athletes numerous on-snow camp opportunities throughout the United States to expand their training, skills development, and competition opportunities throughout the year.

Though the KMS BOOST Sessions, athletes in grades 6 through 8 are introduced to the Killington Mountain School academy lifestyle. BOOST program participants train with KMS coaches and work with teachers on their academics, just like the student-athletes enrolled in our Academy programs.

Our Winter-Term (4 month) and Full-Term (9 month) Academy Programs offer a unique balance of complete athlete training that is supported by a flexible and highly individualized academic program. Our academic and coaching staff allows all of our student-athletes to pursue competition at the highest levels while maintaining an education standard that is truly exceptional. With an emphasis on sound technical development, KMS strives to create an environment that is fun, supportive, and conducive to learning, and one that is tailored to the needs of each participant.

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ATHLETICS at Killington Mountain School

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