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College Advising

KMS offers a team-based approach and long-term college advising strategy with college checklists and regular meetings starting in 7th grade.  Claire Kershko and Liz Cardiasmenos are the Senior Class Advisors.  They work closely with each student-athlete to guide through the college application process and find the best fit.  Contact with relevant coaches is facilitated.  KMS English teachers provide direct assistance in writing college essays. For standardized test preparation, English test prep is required for all 10th and 11th-grade students; math test prep, for all Geometry and Algebra 2 students.  In addition, Juniors take the PSATs for practice in October.  A number of colleges and universities visit each KMS each fall.  We also organize a group admissions visit to Castleton University and a KMS alumni college panel discussion in the spring.  Our College Advising pages on the KMS Intranet and the Parent Portal hold a large amount of helpful information regarding the College Admissions process. 

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