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Black Bear Award – Rebecca Clark

Congratulations to Rebecca Clark, who was given the Black Bear Award at Wednesday’s all-school Community Lunch. Becca is a 12th grade alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Mendon, VT. She was nominated for this award by multiple faculty members for several reasons. The first commendation relates to her willingness to voluntarily give up her precious weekend time to come to school on Saturday to help out with the new student and family orientation. Becca was at school for several hours, both attending the orientation meeting and helping to give campus tours to the new students and their families. She was incredibly welcoming and articulate, along with being able to provide valuable information to students and parents about life at KMS. Becca even stepped into the kitchen and gave a hand preparing and serving lunch for everyone. Secondly, Becca has been working since the start of the summer on designing a KMS race suit for students to order and wear in honor of the upcoming World Cup races in Killington. She has handled the entire process from start to finish, designing the suit, communicating with both the manufacturer and the Resort, along with getting the word out to parents and students for ordering. Her sense of responsibility and follow through has been clear throughout the entire project, and the end result is fabulous. Congratulations, Becca!




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