Trails Initiative Killington Mountain School


Update: February, 2015

The final phase of our trails initiative campaign is underway, with the ultimate goal of improving the training venues at Killington for local training programs, while supporting a higher level of regional and national competition. One hundred percent of these funds have been supported through private and foundation donations, and we are 75% of the way to finishing our goal of a new Highline training venue.


To date, with the support of nearly 150 donors, KMS has raised $750,000, of which $600,000 has been put directly into the hill. With two months left to raise the remaining $250,000, we need everyone’s support to make this vision a reality.


By way of review, the first two phases included:

  • Two successive widening’s of Highline trail, which doubled the width of the available terrain

  • Installation of a brand new snowmaking system on skier’s right of Highline. We now have top-to-bottom snowmaking on both sides of the trail, allowing for better and more efficient coverage from the snowmaking teams at Killington

  • A wider alpine venue, which allows for up to three courses to be set side-by-side during one training session

  • A brand-new mogul venue that offers world-class training and competition possibilities, as well as a “home-hill” advantage for our freestyle skiers

  • An extended snowmaking line down the center island on lower Highline, which will allow us to create a future training venue for our snowboarding and freeskiing teams that is in process of development

The final pieces that we plan to complete in 2015 include:

  • Burying the power line in the center of the headwall to expand available terrain and protect skiers and riders

  • Reconstruction of the Mid-Station on the Snowdon Triple, which will cut the turn-around time in half, providing quick lift-service access to the training venue and effectively doubling the volume and intensity of training in a single session; ie. 3 runs per hour becomes 6


There is another component to the venue development project, the permanent bag jump venue, but KMS plans on pursuing alternate funding sources for this project in order to try to begin construction in the summer of 2015.


With what we’ve already accomplished on Highline, there has been a real and tangible improvement to the training opportunities at Killington. With what we hope to finish, there will be an equally large impact on the quality and quantity of training.

On a personal note, this initiative has taken a tremendous amount of time and effort, and 100% of the commitment has been dedicated toward the children, our children, and making their experience as good as it possibly can be. When completed, this training and competition venue will be a resource for our coaches to use in improving the experience and athletic performance of our kids.


The pursuit of winter sports is an amazing opportunity for children, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, learning to face challenges with courage, perseverance, teamwork, commitment, pursuit of personal best, and fun. What better cause could we invest in here locally?


Click here to donate today, or send a check to KMS Trails-Initiative. We value and appreciate your support. No gift is too large or too small. All donors will be recognized at the completion of the campaign on a wall. Giving levels that will be recognized are listed below and are retroactive to the start of the campaign.

Many thanks for your consideration of support. Together we will complete this project this year!

Tao Smith
KMS Head of School

  • Olympic Level Supporter - $30,000+

  • World Cup - $10-20,000

  • Gold - $5-9,999

  • Silver - $2,500-4,999

  • Bronze - $500-2,499

  • Supporter - < $500

Named giving opportunities:

  • $50,000+       Mid-Station

  • $10,000+       Start house or Judge’s Hut

  • $2,500            Ski Bum Start

  • $500               Chair

For more information about the exciting Trail Campaign, please contact Tao Smith, Head of School,, 802.422.5671.

>> Download the KMS Trail Campaign Price At-A-Glance PDF.

>> Download the KMS Trail Blueprint.

>> Download the KMS Bag Jump Blueprint.