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2/22/21 Academic Standout- Ella Andrews

Academic Standout: Eleanor Andrews

Presented: February 22nd, 2021

Presented by: Elizabeth Cardiasmenos

Written by: Courtney O’Keefe and Emily Hudson

The KMS teaching faculty are proud to present Eleanor “Ella” Andrews as this week’s Academic Standout! Ella is a Freeski athlete, who comes to KMS from Northampton, Massachusetts. Ella was nominated by

several of her teachers, who recognize Ella’s resilience, drive, and dedication towards excellence within the classroom. All agree that Ella is most deserving of the title of Academic Standout!

Winter-Term Language teacher Elizabeth Cardiasmenos was the first to put for a nomination for Ella. Liz states, “Since the first day of winter term, during advising, I was immediately impressed by Ella and the way she interacted with everyone around her. She is outgoing, optimistic and conscientious. She pushes herself, asks great questions and supports her classmates in a positive and reassuring way. She is always ready to lend a helping hand, clarify information and problem-solve with her peers. Ella makes the most of her learning time and is always on task. She has seamlessly managed PT appointments, communicating them in a timely manner and has kept up with all of her assignments. Ella exemplifies respect, integrity, leadership, excellence and responsibility and is very deserving of Academic Standout.”

Student Life Coordinator and Studio Art/Graphic Design/Photography teacher Eric Kuntz seconded this nomination. Eric reflects, “have the distinct pleasure of teaching not one but two classes to one Ella Andrews. This young lady is an outstanding academic student. Taking Graphic Design I & Sculpture, she is learning multiple Visual Art classes. While also nursing an injury, Ella has yet to miss a beat with her classes. From learning how to edit digital photos to removing blemishes within the photo to hand sculpting coil, pinch and clay minions. Ella has done nothing but keep turning in outstanding work. Her creative side keeps growing everyday, with a passion to take on new challenges and ask the important questions. While also helping her fellow classmate with struggles that might happen with assignments. Ella is a pleasure to have in the classroom.”

Social Studies Department Co-Chair and Middle School Humanities teacher Ian Groezinger agreed with Ella’s nomination and gave one of his own for her work in his classes. Ian writes, “Ella has been nothing short of sensational since she arrived at KMS for the start of Winter Term. Time and again, Ella demonstrates a thorough understanding of the subject matter at hand through both written response and discussion. Even with her recent injury setbacks, Ella continues to strive for success.”

Innovative and Math/Science/Engineering teacher Richard Morse also put in his own nomination for Ella. Richard states, “Ella starts each Math class by asking "Do you have a challenge assignment ready for me" she then focuses intently and diligently does the class work then hopes right into her challenge assignment. Injuries have not slowed her down, for every hands on lesson she finds ways of doing things with one arm, sometimes it takes longer but she does not care she seems to like the extra challenge and is happy to work through any milestone. Each and every day she stays busy; exploring, learning, helping others, projecting positivity, seeking challenges and raising the bar.``





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