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Student of the Week – September 14, 2016

The academic year is well under way here at Killington Mountain School and that means that it’s time once again to recognize students who go above and beyond in their studies. This year’s first Student of the Week award was given at Wednesday’s community lunch to Matt Miller. Matt is a senior and a Snowboard athlete who comes to KMS from Dix Hills, New York. Matt was nominated for this award by math teacher Steve Tuckerman, who shared that Matt is “doing high quality work in Calculus.” Steve continued, “He comes in for extra help, even if he doesn’t need it. It is a pleasure to have him here at KMS.” English teacher Alex Crivici seconded the nomination, stating “Matt is a very precocious student, and interacts really well with his peers both inside and outside of the classroom.” Art teacher Eric Kuntz agreed wholeheartedly, “Matt spent over two hours working on his homework on Saturday afternoon, and another additional two plus hours working on Sunday evening here in the dorm. His work ethic is outstanding.” History teacher Courtney O’Keefe commented, “Matt is an excellent choice for Student of the Week. His work in Anthropology has been stellar, reflective of someone who is interested in the topics we are currently covering. I look forward to what else he does in the future.”

Way to kick off the year, Matt; nice work!




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