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Black Bear Award – Kian Hauschildt

Congratulations to Kian Hauschildt who was given the Black Bear Award and Wednesday’s all-school community lunch. Kian is an 8th grade Snowboard athlete who comes to KMS from Brazil. He was nominated for this award by Executive Chef Rhonda Benoit as well as by Snowboard Coach Jeff Juneau. Rhonda shared, “Kian has been coming into the kitchen every single night before dinner since school started, and asking if I need any help. He has come in to help me clean tables, chairs, and even to sweep and mop the dining room and pantry. He is incredibly kind, always uses is manners and there is not one bad thing that I could say about him. He is calm, cool, collected, and compassionate. In addition, he has been so supportive with helping me out with my daughter at night as well. He helps her get snacks, drinks, and he even eats dinner with her. He has taken on the big brother role, and I’m so grateful.” Jeff added, “Kian has been working super hard in strength and conditioning, along with being a great influence on his teammates. I think that his personal growth and work ethic are a great example of RILER in our community.” Amazing job, Kian!




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