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Robert Coletta - Academic Standout

Student Name: Robert Coletta 

Date of Recognition: March 27th, 2024

House Team: Ramshead

Faculty Presenter: Richard Morse

Advisor: Ian Groezinger and Ryan Sihler

Sport: Freestyle 

Please join the KMS teaching faculty in congratulating Robert Coletta as this week’s Academic Standout! Robert is a Freestyle athlete, who comes to KMS from Rutland, Vermont. Robert received strong nominations this week from his teachers, who recognize his dedication to excellence in the classroom. From his meaningful contributions to class discussion to his positive attitude, Robert’s presence in the classroom is one that benefits all- both student and teacher alike. 

Putting forth the first nomination is Middle School and Winter-Term Coordinator, Registrar, Humanities teacher, and Social Studies Department Co-Chair Ian Groezinger. Ian states, “From day one Robert set the bar high for himself.  He has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication, enthusiasm, and excellence in his academic pursuits.  Robert is always turning in high quality work and, when prompted, contributes meaningful thoughts to class discussion.  In the end, it is his positive attitude and commitment to learning that allows him to shine brightly amongst his peers.” 

Seconding this nomination is Student Life Director, Golf Program Director and Coach, and Studio Art/Graphic Design/Photography teacher Eric Kuntz. Eric reflects, “Robert Coletta is not the most outspoken student I have ever had in class. But when he does speak out he is straight to the point and precise. He is a pleasure to have in class, giving 110% in all his projects. Robert's work has improved from day one showing growth in both creative design and skills in art. Robert always turns work in on time and is ready to help out around with cleanup at the end of class. Great work this winter.” 

Also supporting this nomination is Music teacher Marcos Levy. Marcos writes, “Robert Coletta walks into the music room each week ready for new learning. He has been exemplary in taking on the understanding of musical concepts that further his playing of his saxophone.  He has a sharp and open mind for learning. Emphasis on open. He leaves preconceptions at the door and approaches class ready to expand his knowledge. Robert has been a joy to teach. I wish him a good rest his graduating year at Barstow. If he is able to return to KMS, he will be welcome with open arms. Good on ya, Robert!”

Winter-Term Science and Math teacher Susan Cushin agrees and adds, “I wish Robert would shout out the answers in class because he is right 99% of the time!  Robert is an excellent student, conscientious and hard working.  All assignments are done on time and of the highest quality.  I worked with Robert on his project for the Vermont State Math Fair.  He is a motivated student and showed that he is anxious to learn new material.  He has been a pleasure to work with in Algebra.”

And finally, rounding out this list of nominations is innovative teacher Richard Morse. Richard comments, “Robert is pretty quiet and at first I wondered if he was paying attention and I would often check-in. Now I know he takes in every detail and often makes use of an astounding amount of class information for homework assignments. All his work this quarter has been quality. He addresses each question individually and uses pertinent details and sometimes surprises me which is rare. It is a pleasant surprise to have such a thoughtful student that remembers every detail and takes time to do good work.” 

We can think of no better student to recognize as our last academic standout for the 2023-2024 Winter-Term. Way to go, Robert! Amazing work, young man. Be proud! 





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