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Killington Elementary jumps onto campus

Killington Elementary's Pre-K spent a morning at Killington Mountain School with two fantastic KMS coaches, Pete DuBois and Jeff Juneau. Fifteen Pre-K students, three 4-5 year olds, parents, and teachers Betty Hughes and Megan Bates assisted Pete and Jeff as they very expertly taught our young students both the safety and skills of jumping on the tramps! In line with my philosophy surrounding physical development, I firmly believe that young children learn through play, exploration and adventure, inquiry, engagement, asking questions about their world, and learning about how to communicate with adults and other children, and via physical activity!

The opportunity we have to work with KMS and with their coaches teaching our children embodies this philosophy. We are very thankful to Pete and Jeff for their expertise and focus on giving our young students a wonderful experience. In our classroom, we've continued to work on basic athletic skill development, recreating the movements learned on the trampolines. And of course, Chef Rhonda Benoit prepared us an incredible lunch, welcoming the students and parents in all ways! This is just another example of sharing community outside of our classroom. Thank you very much!




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