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Freestyle Weekend Program kickoff

We couldn’t have asked for a better first weekend of the KSC Freestyle Program!

The fresh snow and extensive early season terrain allowed us the space to work on drills and fundamen-tals, as well as the time to just ski. One coach mentioned that everyone “had a ton of fun ripping up the cascade headwall.” Freestylers of all ages could be seen tearing apart mogul lines and catching huge air off of cliffs and any make-shift jump they came across. It was especially exciting to make turns down Superstar, the same pitch that a week earlier featured the best women’s alpine racers in the world!

With the busy slopes, we put big emphasis on safety. This included looking up the hill before skiing or crossing, stopping in visible areas and spotting jump landings. Groups also reviewed park etiquette and protocol including “pre-ride, re-ride, free-ride” before our youngsters conquered the moon ball in the Reason Park.

Our program-wide focus was on top of the turn pressure and initiation. This included weight change timing to the new foot, feeling the pressure in the front of the boots and driving the knee down the hill. Many groups expanded further to address athletic stance, stacked position, keeping hands up and making pole plants. Our youngest Bumps & Jumps group reported some really cool stats, skiing a total of 21.2 miles and 12,200 vertical this weekend. Keep up the good work, everyone!




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