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Black Bear Award - December 7, 2016

Congratulations to Gabe Robinson-Leith who was given the Black Bear Award at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Gabe is a 12th grade student who comes to KMS from Killington, VT, and he was nominated for this award by BOOST teachers Pete DuBois and Hanne Bailey for his work with the group of alpine student-athletes from France who attended KMS for the month of November. Gabe is a fluent French speaker and helped both the students and their teachers navigate language barriers as they completed their academic work. Gabe's nomination was seconded by many faculty members including English Department Chair Alex Crivici who shared the following, "Besides being a fantastic student with incredible work ethic, Gabe can often be found helping his peers/friends by editing their papers, or helping with homework. Gabe is a friendly face who many students can turn to, which has been increasingly evident when you witness his rapport he achieved with the French Students. Gabe is such a positive presence in our school!" Congratulations, Gabe, and thank you for all you contribute to our community.




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