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Freestyle Development Program update

It was a frigid weekend of training, though you would barely know it talking to the kids and coaches. Everyone was excited to ski Outer Limits, with the snow guns providing endless silky turns and soft bumps down the middle of the run. Coach Frank’s group especially enjoyed skiing the “big soft OL moguls with a group focus on absorption and extension while skiing the most direct line.” After a warm up and focused drills, Guy's group took fast paced OL laps, definitely earning their lunch! Coach Guy observed that “All of the athletes are showing progress in body position, athletic stance and commitment to fall line!!” Coach Rich reported that “drills are starting to become part of the everyday routine, resulting in dramatic improvements in the overall skill level.” Great news from the B Mogul Team!

On the Bumps & Jumps side, Coach Darius said that his group ”made a ton of progress on rails, with almost everyone sliding to the end in Easy Street Park. We also had a blast on the Mountain Bike rollers off of Vagabond and took a peek at the Stash woods.” Coach Peter mentioned that “In between moguls runs on OL we worked on drills focusing on upper/lower body separation. On Sunday we hiked Catwalk, skied trees and worked on rails and boxes in Easy Street.” To finish of the recap, Coach Bob shared the highlights of the weekend, “We raced down OL and Coach Bob scored a solid seventh (okay there were only seven of us but I was just barely behind sixth place). Highlights include Daniel and others sliding sideways on the box; first time down Ovation this year and I got to try out my new warm cozy slipper at the tramp complex.”

It sounds like it was a good weekend for all. Keep up the enthusiasm and hard work!




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