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Win-win weekend for U10 and U12 Alpine

While the weather may have been a disappointment over the weekend, our U10 and U12 athletes were not disappointed this past weekend. The coveted gold helmet was awarded to the U10 team and the boot was awarded to the U12 team based on team scores.

Competing on their home turf, the athletes put their hearts into the first race of the season resulting with Shelby Graves in third and Megan Bianchi in fifth for the U12 girls. The boys dominated with Albert Preisler, Connor Roy, Griffin Gentner, Evan Gras and Brice Muller coming in first, second, third, fifth, and eighth respectively for the U12 boys.

On the U10 front Griffin Haisman came in second Max McClellan fourth, Richie Underwood sixth and for the girls Trixie Shackleton first, Sophie Haisman second, and Annesonia Beardsley in eighth.

Leading up to the awards, as always Chuck Hughes delivered a message reminding the kids to thank parents, coaches, Killington Mountain and volunteers. And for those who know Chuck and his comedic tendencies should not be surprised that he poked and prodded the crowd making sure that everyone enjoyed the awards ceremony.




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