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Success at Hunter, spectating at Killington, and some fun times in the parks!

It was another exciting weekend for the Killington Freestyle team! We had fresh powder, good training, a double mogul competition at Hunter and some exciting spectating at the home A event. Congratulations to Jamie, Jack, Tyler, Conner, Mikey R, Ray, Dakota and Rachael for trying out their first A comp and putting on an impressive display on the toughest course of the year! I will let the coaches tell you about their fun weekend: “Our group enjoyed watching the A comp on Highline and cheering on our Killington athletes. We also enjoyed making fresh tracks in the woods and catching air in mouse run.” -Coach Colby “ Our group did a little of everything including watching Alex’s Cork 10 in the A comp! A competitors Tyler and Jack joined us in the afternoon to play “follow the leader” while imitating their awesome short swing moguls turns. They showed off their jumping skills in Timberline with new tricks like the Muffin (daffy with a tip & tail grab) and the Viper (front X with a double tip grab). In the park Sean, Josh & Michaelangelo were all popping onto the rail and sliding 90 with Dex and Bennett close behind. “ -Coach Peter “We took our usual ripping laps on Outer Limits with the girls hammering down on some steep lines under the guns. In the afternoon we committed to working on 360's in the Rams Head park. The girls showed progress with Elody, Ella and Tenley so close to landing 360's!! I am confident that it's going happen soon!!” -Coach Guy “The boys skied big sticky bumps early Saturday morning and handled the tough conditions well. We watched the A comp and cheered on our teammates. After lunch we lapped Mouse Run park and Mousetrap moguls. All the boys landed twisters and spreads off the big jump.” -Coach Frank “A couple of new faces on the team who fit right in, watched some good A course action, skied OL; Sunday, 11 runs...whew...a shoutout to Lily whom jumped the old lift tower on Helter Skelter and lots of good training on Timberline with Lily and Maya working on 180's off park jumps heading toward 360's!! Focus: pole plants.” -Coach Bob & Coach Marissa added that “Reese, Ryder, Daniel, and Lily all put in great effort in the park with their jumping and rail sliding.” “We spent Saturday searching for good tree skiing and found some fresh tracks in Roundabout Glade. On Sunday we worked on jumps and rails in Timberline. “ - Coach Darius “This past weekend was a blast! Trae, Ryan, Gabe, Maddie, Charlie and I spent Saturday searching for fresh tracks. We skied the glades triple exploring the trees off of Powerline and Great Northern. We explored Skye Peak, finding fresh snow in the roundabout glades! To finish the day up we ripped the skiers right of panic button where everyone was eager to hit all of the side drops and jumps. On Sunday we focus on park tricks including360's, beautiful rail slides, big spreads, and excellent grabs!” -Coach Dylan “We had an awesome time at Hunter! The five Killington kids that made the trip skied really well and improved throughout the day. Each person got four competition runs, so this was a great experience for our team. They got to ski on a really nice course and it was a very well run event. Congratulations to Kassidy Lynch for winning the Event 1 Overall!” -Coach Ben Hunter Competition top five age group and top ten overall results: Hunter Comp 1 F11 5th Carmen DiPietro F13 1st Kassidy Lynch, 1st Overall 2nd Tenley Lefebvre, 7th Overall M11 2nd Kyle Gordon Hunter Comp 2 F11 2nd Carmen DiPietro

F13 1st Kassidy Lynch, 3rd Overall 2nd Tenley Lefebvre, 9th Overall M11 1st Kyle Gordon ​Great job everyone!​




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