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Black Bear Award - Matt Miller

Congratulations to Matt Miller who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Matt is a 12th grade Snowboard athlete who comes to KMS from Dix Hills, NY. He was nominated for this award by art teacher Eric Kuntz, who shared, "Matt

singlehandedly cleaned the entire tuning room over the weekend. He scraped the tables, organized the ski racks and also the poles. Matt also put tools away and vacuumed the entire room. It was perfect. He did this with no help, and without being asked." Tao seconded the nomination, commenting "I walked in there Saturday and it was spotless. He really did a great job all on his own. That's what being a Black Bear is all about." Alexis Vander Els added, "Matt Miller also helped Rhonda unload a huge amount of groceries from her car. He was helped by Brianna Washburn and Justin Giltz too, but Matt did the bulk of carting loads inside." Rhonda affirmed this, stating "Yes, I asked Matt for help, and he jumped in and he took the lead. I had Justin, Brianna, Anja Kroon, Josh Chu helping as well. Matt made sure everything was brought to the proper space and that it was put away neatly, and he even made sure my car was closed up properly afterwards. Love that guy!" Congratulations, Matt. Thanks for your continued contributions to the KMS community!




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