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Student of the Week - February 8, 2017

Congratulations to Student of the Week, Vivien Rindisbacher. Vivien is a 12th grade Cycling athlete who comes to KMS from Newtown, MA. He was nominated for this award by History Department Chair Courtney O'Keefe who shared, "Vivien is in my Cultural Anthropology course this year and has proven to be someone who is not only open-minded to learning and understanding other cultures, but also someone who is reflective of his own understandings and culture which impact the way he understands others. His work demonstrates someone who is focused beyond just getting the grade and the assignment completed. His reflectiveness and ability to make connections across cultures shows a student who is really aware of the world around him. His level of interest and respect for the cultures we study is great, showing him to be an individual who will be able to work with others from around the world in the future. Overall, he is a great student and certainly a good candidate for this recognition." His nomination was seconded by Academic Dean Amy Allen who stated, "I wholeheartedly second Vivien's nomination, based on his outstanding participation in our Seminar Series. He chose an awesome New Yorker article about the U.S. economy for us to read, posted it in the Google Classroom well ahead of time, along with wonderful discussion questions he'd compiled, and was knowledgeable about the topic and generated good discussion among the group." English Department Chair Alex Crivici agreed, saying "I would like to put my nomination in again for Vivien. As Amy said, his participation in the Seminar Series is outstanding. He generated diplomatic discussion while encouraging his classmates (and teachers) to think critically. In English IV, Vivien makes personal connections to the literature we read, and he provides deep reflection and analysis in his written responses." Science teacher Ted Schaft commented, "I certainly recommend Vivien. He is articulate, willing and is always a positive force in class. He comes prepared and has the respect of his classmates." Science Department Chair Terri Isidro gave her vote to Vivien as well, "Vivien is an incredibly responsible student; he participates fully, and challenges himself to understand complex material. In class he is hard-working and respectful, and is a great student to have in class!" Congratulations, Vivien!




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