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Student of the Week - February 15, 2017

Congratulations to Josh Chu, who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Josh is a tenth grade Cycling athlete who comes to KMS from Norwich, VT. He was nominated for this award by History Department Chair Courtney O'Keefe who said, "Josh is beyond impressive in US History. Although he is still new to our full-term program, his presence and level of knowledge reflects someone that you would swear was here since the start of the academic year. He is work is beyond impressive for a Social Studies student; his explanations are thorough and reflective, his use of evidence to back up his views and reasonings is sound, and he has demonstrated his ability to utilize quotations from our class sources to offer more depth to his answers. Josh is engaged in class discussion, an aid to his peers with he shares his understanding of the topics we are studying, and he is beyond respectful. I am very impressed with him and am happy to have him in our US History course. I look forward to what he has to offer to our study of US History as the year progresses." Science Department Chair Terri Isidro added "Josh has made an excellent transition into the full term program. He is focused, hard-working, and very serious about making the most of his class time," adding, "He's a real asset to our Biology class!" Math Department Chair Steve Tuckerman added that Josh is doing very well in his Algebra 2 class. Art teacher Eric Kuntz agreed with all the nominations "Josh is doing remarkably well in photography too! He is super positive, energetic, creative and always looking forward to his next project/lesson. In addition, he is an upbeat and a positive influence in the dorm too and is a great part of the community." English Department Chair Alex Crivci noted, "Josh is a great addition to English II. He comes in prepared and ready for an active role during class. His ability to think critically and creatively allows for him to excel in our Socratic-styled discussions. The quality of his written work is both thoughtful, and organized. Josh has an upbeat and enthusiastic attitude both inside and outside of class." Congratulations Josh; we are so glad you've joined the KMS community!




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