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Alpine slays at Pico, Proctor, and Pat's Peak

Killington Mountain School's Alpine athletes continue to make the school proud, earning spots on podium after podium, with a large number of athletes posting their personal best finishes at a variety of races. A special congratulations to Jonas Pedersen; Jonas has made the criteria to ski in the Junior World championships in March. He will compete in Arë, Sweden March 6 to 14. Congratulations to Jonas for achieving one of his loftiest goals! Alpine results from over the past week are listed below, along with some photos as well. Nice job, everyone!

Pat's Peak 2/13/17:

Lizzie Degraw 3rd u-16 and

Frannie Castellini 6th u-16 6th and 13th overall.

Proctor Maconnell FIS SL 2/13/17:

First slalom on Saturday : Graeme Price 2

Paul Ferri 3

Second slalom on Sunday: Graeme Price 1

Ryan Znamierowski 2

Paul Ferri 5

Marc Harnett 26

Pico 2/12/17:

Bean Pot stays with KMS!!! All season long! Girls Podium sweep:


1 Caroline Roy

2 Bella Phelan

3 Ashley Spreng

9 Joanna Robinson-Leith

14 Bella Clark-Alderman

18 Hannah Black

19 Izzy Redrup

22 Emily Bukoswki


1 Oscar Preisler

4 Bobby Turner

19 Gaven Schain

19 Chase Muller

20 Bode Tracy

24 Liam Kelly

25 Tommy Lowell

Qualified for U14 States


Tucker Schultz

Bobby Turner

Oscar Preisler

Dom Shackleton


Caroline Roy

Ashley Spreng

Bella Phelan

Emelia Vergara

Joanna Robinson-Leith

Bella Clark-Alderman

U16's and 19's at Pico on 2/11/17:

Tommy Shantler 1 overall Tanner Graves 8 overall 2 u16 Ben Vergara 23 overall 8 u16

7 Nation's Cup Austria 2/15/17:

Izzy Jenne finished 21st overall and was the third United States finisher!




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