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Freestyle athletes find podium in home event

The Freestyle team put on another impressive showing this weekend, this time on our home mogul venue! Killington parents and coaches came together to host a great event! We overcame fog and lift delays, as well as scoring issues, to deliver a smooth and safe competition. I was especially proud of all of the people who hiked up the course at 7:30am to get the jumps and moguls ready for the athletes. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time over the weekend. We couldn’t have done it without you!

We had an impressive 44 Killington athletes in the competition! There were many first time mogul competitors including Parker Sweeney, Spencer Claffey, Rohan Lavery, Sean Rice, Reese Petersen, Ryder Jamieson, Liam Claffey, Lilly Byrnes and Bennett Johnson. Great job with these outstanding first time performances!

As I read out the awards at the end of each day, I couldn’t have been more proud of our athletes as Killington swept podium after podium. Congratulations to overall winners Kassidy Lynch, Ray Lamlein, Megan Ciaglo and Jake Petrone!

I am so impressed with how far the team has come this season. The athletes are pushing and encouraging each other at all levels and the coaches are providing great leadership and advice. As we enter the Championships portion of the season, the team is ready to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Keep up the good work!

Killington Moguls- Saturday

F9 1st Grace Marinella, 10th Overall

2nd Victoria Johnson

3rd Emily Storch

4th Lilly Byrnes

5th Allison Byrnes

F11 1st Megan Ciaglo, 2nd Overall

2nd Madeline Byrnes

3rd Abrianna Gordon

F13 1st Kassidy Lynch, 1st Overall

3rd Tenley Lefebvre, 4th Overall

4th Elodie Flanagan, 8th Overall

5th Katherine Constanzo

F15 4th Racehl Setareh, 9th Overall

M9 1st Josh Jamieson

4th Parker Sweeney

5th Rohan Lavery

M11 1st Trae DaMore, 4th Overall

2nd Ryan Jamieson, 5th Overall

3rd Gabe Johnson

M13 1st Ray Lamlein, 1st Overall

2nd Jack Petrone, 2nd Overall

Jake Slavich 9th Overall

M15 3rd Mikey Rothberg

4th Dakota Stuart

Killington Moguls Sunday

F9 1st Victoria Johnson, 8th Overall

2nd Allison Byrnes

3rd Emily Storch

4th Grace Marinella

5th Maya Grogean

F11 1st Megan Ciaglo, 1st Overall

2nd Abrianna Gordon, 7th Overall

4th Madeline Byrnes

F13 1st Tenley Lefebvre, 3rd Overall

F15 2nd Rachel Setareh, 6th Overall

M9 1st Josh Jamieson

2nd Owen Ciaglo

4th Spencer Claffey

5th Rohan Lavery

M11 1st Ryan Jamieson, 8th Overall

2nd Gabe Johnson, 9th Overall

3rd Trae DaMore, 10th Overall

M13 1st Jake Petrone, 1st Overall

2nd Ray Lamlein, 2nd Overall

3rd Jake Slavich, 4th Overall

4th Jamie Arquit, 6th Overall

M15 1st Mikey Rothberg, 3rd Overall




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