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Freestyle Development Program update

While it was disappointing when Central State Championships was cancelled, it was actually nice to spend a relaxing weekend at home. The Freestylers toughed out a frigid weather, finding a balance between skiing and warming up. Some of the groups enjoyed an afternoon trampoline and core session.

Sunday’s milder temperatures allowed the mogul squad to do what they do best, bump it up on Outer Limits! In the afternoon the team worked hard on the B venue, breaking through a crust of man made snow to try to find the moguls underneath. We must have looked crazy, as kids marched back and forth in their boots, stomping through the layers. Meanwhile, coaches shoveled swatches or snow, as if looking for gold…or moguls. We eventually located the lines and saved the course. Thank you to everyone who helped out! The coaches have lots to share from the weekend:

“The development girls worked on staying warm and getting some laps on Outer Limits. We took advantage of snowmaking to get some quality mogul skiing in. The lines were super technical and required a full commitment. Our focus was on pole plants and absorption. It's fun to watch the girls applying their skills on such challenging terrain!!”

-Coach Guy

“Saturday morning we persevered despite the frigid weather and finished the day on the Trampolines at KMS. On Sunday we lapped outer-limits all morning and spent the afternoon exploring the Canyon area and needles eye. “

-Coach Colby

“Even with the cold temps and high winds, my group skied hard on Saturday morning and then practiced on the trampoline in the afternoon. On Sunday morning, we headed straight over to OL and met up with the other freestyle groups for a great morning of non-stop bump runs with blue bird skies. Everyone in my group improved throughout the day even as the moguls got bigger and bigger.”

-Coach Peter

“The mountain was cold, yet that was no issue for us. We spent Saturday and Sunday skiing the terrain park. Saturday morning consisted of lapping the Timberline where everyone was stomping their tricks. In the afternoon we checked out Dream maker, where a majority of the group was launching big airs off the jumps! Sunday we lapped Timberline all morning. We hiked two features this weekend: the box rail, and the down rail in Timberline. All athletes park skiing was on point!”

-Coach Dylan

“Brrr, it was cold but we still had a great weekend of training. We spent both afternoons working in Timberline and the Stash. All the athletes were catching big air off the jumps in the Parks and working on their tricks. We also had some great mogul skiing on OL Sundaymorning. Always working on keeping the athletes hands "up", in front and making pole plants.”

-Coach Bob

“We started the frigid morning with flat runs to get back to some basic drills, working on early lead change and short radius turns. We spent the rest of the morning lapping OL. At lunch we watched film of the Killington B comp and went over the score sheets, picking up things to work on from the film. Sunday was a lot of fun having all the groups working together to ski in a mogul line on OL. Rich and Guy, along with some Killington regulars, came to help get a line going with moguls quickly forming in the soft snow.”

Unfortunately Coach Rich hurt his knee and will miss the rest of the season. It was nice to see the genuine concern from the athletes when Rich went down, some even clicking out of their skis and hiking back up OL to check on him.”

-Coach Frank

We wish Rich a safe surgery this week, a quick recovery and cross our fingers that somehow we can drag him out on the hill for East Coast Championships!




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