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Student of the Week - March 8, 2017

Congratulations to Bella Muscara who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Bella is a ninth grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Newtown, PA. She was nominated for this award by English teacher Debbie Franks who shared, "Bella is an excellent reader and writer, quiet but spirited, consistently working at a high level whether in or out of class. Bella is not afraid to think for herself, exploring new ideas while respecting others' opinions. She exemplifies the creativity and curiosity about the world around us that will make her successful not only in high school and college but in life!" Spanish teacher Alexis Vander Els agreed, "I second the nomination for Bella Muscara; she is the most reliable and polite student I have. She is quiet, but when ever called on in class is always on top of what ever we are discussing. She seems to genuinely enjoy learning Spanish and makes an effort in improving her accent, a skill that many students don't realize is very important." Art teacher Eric Kuntz also felt Bella was a great candidate, "I would nominate Bella as well! She has shown a big improvement in recent weeks. She's done great class work, and has improved the work she does outside of class. She is always on time, and emails if she is going to miss class. Bella has a positive attitude, and a smile for each class. She also helps others who might have issues with their assignments. I've been very impressed!" Science teacher Richard Morse shared his impressions of Bella, "I had the pleasure of teaching Bella science for the last four years. I miss her as a student this year. She has excellent attention to detail, organized and through notes, was always engaged, and was always ready for any task or challenge. Finally, history teacher Ian Groezinger shared his thoughts on Bella's work, "Throughout the course of the year, Bella has turned in high quality work; this is especially true on the more difficult, critical thinking assignments (such as point and counter point primary sources). She consistently asks meaningful questions, turns in assignments on time, and keeps up with her work while traveling, not to mention that she has the strongest vocabulary of any student I have come across here at KMS; every writing assignment she turns in includes at least two to three properly used, sophisticated vocabulary words!" Congratulations, Bella! Nice work!




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