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Freestyle B Championships held in Killington

(photo courteous of Renee DiFonzo)

What a week! Three feet of powder, sunshine and the best young freestylers from all over the East Coast in Killington for the B Championships. Over the course of three days on three different venues, we put on six great competitions!

Friday was a long, but exciting day with back-to-back Slopstyle competitions. Athletes strung together a series of stylish and daring jumps, rails and boxes in the Timberline Park. The morning featured the Young Guns (ages 7-10) and in the afternoon the Juniors Division (ages 11-16) took the stage. On Saturday and Sunday, while one division careened down the Highline Mogul Venue, the other division soared through the air off of the Upper Highline Aerial Jumps.

The action packed days were followed by exciting social activities including Tubing, All–You-Can-Eat Sushi Yoshi, Game Night & Pizza and an Awards Banquet. The Game Night was especially fun, as everyone’s competitive nature mixed with laughter. Friends went head to head on the Obstacle Course Challenge, Bounce-n-Box, Pedestal Jousting, Hooley Ball and an assortment of tabletop games.

This competition was truly a championship, with an extremely high level of skiing and jumping. Killington put forth an impressive team, with 12 qualifying for Juniors and 22 qualifying for Young Guns. We took home a multitude of age group awards and overall prizes. With 22 athletes in the top ten, Killington was able to clinch the team title for the second year in a row! Great job to all of our athletes and congratulations to East Coast Junior Combined Champion Jack Petrone and East Coast Young Guns Champion in Aerials, Moguls and Combined, Megan Ciaglo!!!

This event could not have happened without the overwhelming support and hard work from so many people. Thank you to our wonderful parent volunteers, the Killington Resort, KSC Events Staff, KSC Coaches and to all of our great sponsors!

Photos below provided by Renee DiFonzo.



F9 2nd Victoria Johnson, 6th Overall

3rd Grace Marinella

4th Emily Storch

5th Maya Grogean

M9 1st Owen Ciaglo, 3rd Overall

F11 1st Megan Ciaclo, 1st Overall

Maddy Byrnes, 9th Overall

Sydney Grogean, 10th Overall

M11 Kyle Gordon, 7th Overall


F9 1st Allison Byrnes, 6th Overall

2nd Grace Marinella, 10th Overall

5th Emily Storch

M9 2nd Owen Ciaglo

F11 1st Megan Ciaglo, 1st Overall

4th Abrianna Gordon, 4th Overall

M11 4th Trae DaMore


F9 1st Grace Marinella

2nd Victoria Johnson

3rd Allison Byrnes

M9 1st Owen Ciaglo

F11 2nd Maddy Byrnes

4th Megan Ciaglo


F9 1st Grace Marinella, 7th Overall

2nd Victoria Johnson, 8th Overall

4th Allison Byrnes

5th Emily Storch

M9 1st Owen Ciaglo

5th Josh Jamieson

F11 1st Megan Ciaglo, 1st Overall



M13 5th Jack Petrone, 9th Overall


F13 4th Kassidy Lynch

M13 2nd Jack Petrone, 2nd Overall

3rd Ray Lamlein, 3rd Overall

5th Tyler DaMore, 10th Overall


M13 1st Tyler Damore, 3rd Overall

4th Jack Petrone, 10th Overall


M13 1st Jack Petrone, 1st Overall

2nd Tyler DaMore, 2nd Overall

5th Jake Slavich, 10th Overall




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