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A peek into the world of production and virtual reality

Killington Mountain School student-athletes and faculty were treated to a wonderful presentation thanks to KMS parents Brian and Mel Latt. Brian is an Executive Producer and Partner at

M ss ng P eces, a production and entertainment company that uses technology and web platforms to share and tell stories with social consciousness. Their website explains, "m ss ng p eces is the new wave production and entertainment company inspired by the limitless potential of storytelling and technology. We provide production and creative services to likeminded collaborators. Since 2005, we’ve hand-crafted stories and experiences that celebrate the human spirit, innovation, art and culture. We create original content and commercials across all mediums with some of the best storytellers in the world, supported by an extraordinary network of production and post-production talent." Students and adults in attendance enjoyed learning about marketing and advertising using social media platforms and things like virtual reality all while keeping an eye toward the greater good.

Latt spoke about the changing nature of advertising in this day in age, when the average consumer is saturated with options and exposure, "Brands have to earn their time with you," he explained. Therefore, companies who manage to tout their product while also making the world a better place tend to appeal to most consumers, as well as Latt, himself. He said that people ask themselves, "Can I identify with the values of this brand?" before making the choice to direct their dollars in that direction. He spoke about the power of social media and how "Social media is the great equalizer. A company can get crucified in comments online if they try to be something they are not."

Latt screened several of their projects, bringing those in the room to attention, laughter and even tears. He showed how the company has used virtual reality (VR) technology to provide people experiential opportunities, and shared stories and a clip of the VR movie the company produced that told the story of the 2016 NBA finals game. When asked by a student if he had to only use one platform or one technology in his business from here on out, Latt replied "It would be virtual reality. Virtual reality experiences are so immersive and powerful." Brian and Mel very kindly brought along several VR headsets and stayed for hours, allowing adults and students alike the opportunity to give the powerful technology a whirl.

Before the presentation ended, Latt challenged the student-athletes in room to choose a cause that is important to them, especially as they evolve as athletes and perhaps have a platform, and to use their influence in a positive way.

The talk was incredibly intriguing and thought provoking, and made those in the room consider career paths they might not have even known existed prior to stepping into the room. The school is incredibly grateful to both Brian and Mel for lending their time and expertise in interest of expanding the horizons of the KMS community.




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