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Peak season alpine action

Along with softening snow and rising temperatures comes the height of the Alpine season's competitions. An unprecedented number of KMS athletes have qualified for top-level events and have represented the school's name with pride at races throughout the United States, Canada, and in Europe

Congratulations to Ethan Maiden, Wyatt Hoffman, Tanner Schultz, and Matt Fryer who qualified to compete in the CanAm's at Attitash on March 21-23. In addition, Tanner Schultz is a first alternate to U16 Nationals and Ethan Maiden fourth alternate.

Izzy Jenne took the second place spot on 3/13/17 at Easterns in the SL.

U16 Eastern Finals 3/13/17:

First race SG - Wyatt 6th, Lizzie 13th Second race SG - Wyatt 9th, Lizzie 10th

Jenna Jenkins took second at Middlebury in the George Tormey series.

Tanner Schultz was fourth at U16 Easterns on 3/14/17.

Lafoley Spring Series GS

Jenna Jenkins and Izzy Jenne Izzy joined a long list of past ski team members and Olympians to have her name etched on the MJ's trophy on Friday. Izzy won again on Saturday on Mittersill's new GS and SG venue. Jenna skied well finishing in the low twenties.

FIS Devo Finals:

Ava Mattsson continued her breakthrough season with a gutsy second run in the at Cranmore to move from seventh after the first run into second overall, first place U19. One more SL to be contested tomorrow.

For the men, VERY strong results from Bobby and Crawford in Thursday's GS at Attitash. Bobby finished 6th (1st U19) from bib 45 and Crawford 9th (3rd U19) from bib 40, career best GS finishes for both.

U.S. Nationals at Sugarloaf 3/26-27

Ava and Becca raced U.S. Nationals at Sugarloaf this Sunday and Monday. Both turned in excellent results!

In Monday's icy, steep, and twisty SL, Becca finished 32nd from one of the final bib numbers in the race, 61. She moved up the rankings further than anyone else in the race, known as the Bibbo award! It was a classic, sunny spring day in New England. Congratulations Becca.

Less than 24 hours later, In Tuesday's GS, conditions were some of the most brutal Coach Hardy has ever seen. Painful sleet, icy snow, and a 40mph tailwind drew out the worst of what the east is famous for...extremely challenging ski racing. Ava showed bravery and ruggedness, along with a little bit of reckless abandon to finish 15th from bib 35. It was a gritty performance indeed.

Up next, Ava will stay in Sugarloaf for the U.S. U21 Junior Championships GS and SL, March 29th-30th.

U14's that were not at Easterns went to Pat's Peak for SL. Tucker Schultz had a 9th and 3rd place run to finish 4th overall. Another standout was Joanna Robinson-Leith with a first run 4th place but struggled second run.

The U14s were at Sunapee on Saturday for the Chip Gilroy Memorial T-shirt race. Winter in Spring brought some snow throughout the day; the course was salted and held up well for the 500 (give or take) participants. There was a KMS tent and cookout on the "Beach". A good time was had by all.

Conner Roy 1st and Albert Priesler 2nd for U12 boys

Shelby Graves 5th and Megan Bianchi 7th for the U12 girls

Bella Phelan 5th and Ashley Spreng 8th for the U14 girls

Bode Tracy 2nd (for his first career podium) and Oscar Priesler 3rd for U14 boys

Cannon GS

Jake Lund 2nd

Ethan Maiden 6th (2nd second run)

Tanner Graves 13th

Matthew Fryer 19th

John Bianchi 28th

Bromley SL

Tanner Schultz 6th

Ethan Maiden 7th

John Bianchi 8th

Cam Washburn 22nd

Matthew Fryer 25th

Cole Matusik 28th

AmCans Qualifiers

Ethan Maiden

Wyatt Hoffman

Tanner Schultz

Matthew Fryer

Congrats to Ava Mattsson who took 15th at US National Championships in the GS at Sugarloaf and to Graeme Price who took 15th at Canadian Nationals in the SL along with Ryan Znamierowski who was 21st. Paul Ferri, Brad Underhill, and Bobby Ryan are also at Sugarloaf, with Bobby taking 38 and Paul 41 in Tuesday's GS.




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