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Student of the Week - March 29, 2017

Congratulations to Tommy Shantler, who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Tommy is a 12th grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Williamsville, NY. He was nominated for this award by English Department Chair Alex Crivici who said, "Tommy is such a positive and polite student all of the time. He is a hard worker, communicates very well while traveling, and always asks for help if he needs it. Tommy is enthusiastic during class time, and can definitely balance academics and athletics successfully. He is the epitome of a KMS student." History Department Chair Courtney O'Keefe agreed, "I have Tommy for US Government and Economics and I can say, without a shred of hesitation, that it is great to have him as a student this year. He always has a positive attitude, he works hard to turn in good quality work, and he participates in class discussion effortlessly, either by expressing his ideas/opinions or by asking thought-provoking questions which get everyone in the class thinking. Along with these great qualities, Tommy also exhibits two outstanding qualities that are definitely worth the recognition of Student of the Week. The first is his appreciation. It is apparent on a daily basis that Tommy is grateful for every opportunity and every assistance provided to him by the faculty and administration at KMS. His "thank you's" are not automatic or simply a means to be polite; they are genuine and show his appreciation for being here at KMS and for the assistance associated with his ability to excel in both his academics and his sport. The second outstanding quality Tommy has is his level of responsibility. He is one student that I can say defines the responsibility aspect of RILER. Not only does he stay on top of his travel schedule and give his teacher's plenty of notification, but he also balances his heavy athletic schedule with his academics and makes the effort to meet with the teaching faculty to check-in on his work progress and to make sure that he is all caught up with his work. Even as I am writing this, Tommy is meeting with his teachers to discuss being away next week and what work he should be completing. With these qualities and more, there is no doubt in my mind that Tommy deserves to be recognized as Student of the Week this week." Finally, Claudia Revenko-Bowen, World Languages Chair, added her endorsement, "Tommy always comes to class with an awesome attitude. He has worked very hard this year, and it is noticeable that he takes pride in his work, always striving to excel in class, while at KMS or away. Due to his dedication and perseverance, Tommy has steadily progressed in all his language skills. ¡Muy bien Tommy!" Congratulations, Tommy! What a way to keep the bar high throughout your senior year!




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