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Racing into spring

Killington Mountain School alpine athletes wrapped up a season marked by incredible highs and first-time achievements as they competed in several races, both at home and at nearby mountains. A group of KMS racers traveled to Mt. Mansfield to compete in an annual two-day favorite, the Sugar Slalom race. On Saturday, Quin Taylor had a great race, finishing seventh overall, PJ Bovaconti was 12th (third U19), Matt Fryer 15th (eighth second run), and Ethan Maiden was 17th. In the U12 race Connor Roy finished eighth and Shelby Graves took the podium in second. Ryan Rupprecht finished seventh for the U14's, and Ashley Spreng took fourth.

On Sunday PJ Bovaconti finished seventh overall and took the podium as the third U19 finisher. Tanner Schultz was eighth overall and third for U16's. Max Wonsavage was 11th and Quin Taylor was 17th. Francesca Castellini was sixth overall and third U16, and Lizzie DeGraw was 16th. Shelby Graves found the podium taking third for U12's. Nice work everyone!

Killington 4/11/17:

On Tuesday, April 11th Killington held a season wrap-up race on Highline, its home training and competition venue. Dubbed the "Mountain Ops Appreciation race" the men's and women's slalom event was followed by a BBQ at the Killington Ski Club for all racers and also for the Resort's hard-working and dedicated Mountain Operations crew, without whom a race or even space to train on in April would be nothing but a dream.

Members of the KMS Freestyle team were on hand to forerun the course, impressing one and all in attendance with not only their retro one-piece ski outfits, but also their skill at navigating the gates on course.

Special guest Julia Ford took the win for the women, with Cassidy Bebo in second and Jenna Jenkins in third. Paul Ferri took the win in the men's race, with Jake Lund in second, and Tanner Schultz in third.

Many thanks to all the folks at Killington for all their support of KMS and for an outstanding season!




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